5 Ideas to Boost your Business During the Cricket World Cup

by Hafla

In the restaurant or coffee house business? It’s time to strap on your pads and walk to the crease! The Cricket World Cup is both about sport and boosting business sales.


Day One Hype

For a fan, the only thing that beats the anticipation of a tournament kicking off is the actual tournament. Cash in – literally – on this feeling by decorating your restaurant/cafe for the first match. Day one themes can be generic or team-specific. In either case, you can dress the space up with cricket-themed décor, mini flags, banners in team colors, and even hire festive fairy or colored lighting for the outside.

Clever Catering

Get creative! This is the time to have some fun in the kitchen. Stir up tinted drinks, use mini flags for cocktails, add a dash of team/country flavor to your dishes or rustle up themed snacks and pretty desserts that complement the cricket mood. Expecting more customers than usual? Hire extra tables, seating, crockery, and cutlery through Hafla.

Try your Luck! 

Nothing attracts customers like freebies and prizes. And when there is a lucky draw in the mix, prepare yourself for unprecedented sales. Engage people with on-site draws and competitions as well as a social media campaign around the whole tournament. Advertising your competitions and announcing prizes on social media will get you a lot of publicity. After all, who minds complimentary drinks or snacks as a cricket quiz prize?

Accessories and Drama

With every establishment in town milking the cricket season, you need to stand out from the crowd. Offer customers a unique experience by making country/team t-shirts and flags available at the door or even setting up a face painting counter in one corner. This will add to the atmosphere and also help with recall when it’s time for people to step out for the next match. 

It’s KO time!

Take your game up a notch before the knock-out stage. This is when people, the ones who haven’t participated till now, make the effort to be part of the tournament. Ride the excitement bandwagon by setting up fan parks in your venue complete with screens and sound systems. You could also add to the festive atmosphere by dressing up servers in themed clothing, hiring extra seating like bean bags for a casual corner, or setting up lights, fans, and cooling equipment for the outdoor seating.

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