Workshop Materials and Supplies Checklist

by Hafla

Be workshop-ready! When you’re looking at setting up a workshop,  consider the following points for workshop preparation.

  • Setting Goals and Objectives.
  •  Defining the Scope of the Workshop Program. 
  • Determining Participant Contributions for the Resource Collection. 
  • Establishing Selection Criteria for Workshop Participation. 
  • Crafting Application Questions. 
  • Setting the Application Deadline. 
  • Determining the Registration Fee.
  • Developing the Workshop Website Structure.
  • Follow-Up Communication with Participants on Progress and Support

You should follow a checklist of what’s and how’s. Within the steps of how to plan your workshop is a checklist of essentials – the materials and supplies checklist. It’s possibly the best part of organizing an event because you get to pick and choose multicolored stationery! (That’s considered a fun activity in some circles). On a serious note, to put together your workshop package you should be ready with all of the below, a couple of weeks in advance. 

Some supplies to make sure you’re well-stocked have been put together in a quick list for your reference:

For participant packages

Participant Packages Checklist Description
Name tags or badge ribbons Identification items for participants.
Copies of the agenda A printed schedule of the workshop program.
Copies of workshop aids Handouts or materials that support workshop activities.
Reference documents Relevant documents or resources for participants to refer to.
Sticky notes Adhesive-backed notes for participants to use during activities.
Pens Writing instruments for participants to take notes.
Scratch paper Blank paper for miscellaneous notes or exercises.
Folders/binders with tab dividers Organizational tools for participants to compile workshop materials.
Templates for participant input Pre-designed forms or templates for participants’ contributions.
Templates for participant feedback/evaluation Forms or templates to gather feedback or evaluate the workshop.
Promotional/informational material from your company Relevant materials about your organization or company.
Workshop-related promotional items Branded or thematic items to enhance the workshop experience.


Have your participant packages ready and sealed before the workshop begins. Handing out sealed packages at the registration desk is not just convenient but also hygienic, professional and saves time. You could even divide the list above into the main package and a promotional goodie bag.

Your list for the venue

  1. Whiteboard markers (make sure they are the dry erase type)
  2. Flipchart paper (dimensions must suit the size of your gathering)
  3. Markers
  4. Extra pens for participants
  5. Ready participant packages
  6. Ready goodie bags
  7. Scratch paper for your use
  8. Laser pointers
  9. AV aids like projectors, screens, and speakers
  10. Charged/fresh batteries
  11. Refreshments 
  12. Disposables for refreshments
  13. Health and safety protocol supplies like sanitizer dispensers/wipes
  14. Emergency first aid box
  15. Thank you cards
  16. Presenter gifts

A well-thought-out list will help pull off a seamless event. Organizing a workshop is simple, but holding a successful one where every detail has been covered is not as easy as it may seem. The difference between a DIY workshop and one that has been professionally handled can be seen in the details. Event management platforms like Hafla specialize in setups as well as providing workshop materials and supplies. Browse our menu and let our super-perceptive platform guide you with the details. Or, you could choose to get in touch with a Hafla workshop specialist for all the help you need.

Tip: Selecting bundled items for material and supplies on Hafla may suit your budget more than shopping for the list item by item. Try it out!

Warp – Up

Having a comprehensive workshop materials and supplies checklist is crucial for organizing a successful workshop. By ensuring that you have all the necessary tools and resources, you can create a seamless and enriching experience for all workshop participants. From tables and points listing, this blog has provided valuable insights into optimizing your workshop experience.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

– Benjamin Franklin


  1. What is the workshop layout plan?

          A workshop layout refers to the placement of storage, machines, and workbenches in a confined space relative to each other         

      2. What is a workshop agenda?

            A list of learning/key objectives; A description of the main activities or building     

             blocks of the workshop.

      3. What kind of workshops are there?

            Four types of workshops to jumpstart ideas.

  • Segmentation workshop.
  • Co-creation workshop.
  • Consumer brainstorm workshop.
  • Team activation workshop.

     4. What are some benefits that participants can gain from a successful workshop

Motivation, new knowledge, and refined skills are just a few of the benefits received from a successful workshop.

    5. What is a workshop strategy?

Strategic Workshops are meetings that are designed to encourage a group of key people in your organization to contribute to the strategic direction of the organization in a relaxed and ‘safe’ environment.

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