10 Simple and Fun Indoor Activities for Kids During Summer

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Confined to the house with your little one? Trapped indoors on long and boring summer days is tough. Worry not, here is Hafla’s list of fun ideas to keep you entertained!

Movie Night

Organize your own movie night. Spread comfy floor cushions in your living room, grab some DIY popcorn, choose your favorite family flick and let Hafla set up a projector for the perfect movie hall at-home vibe.

Karaoke Evening 

This one’s as noisy as it is fun. All you need is a karaoke mike and screen and lots of enthusiasm. Get the brat pack together for a loud evening of belting out their favorite nursery rhymes.

Set up Camp

Hire a set of small tents – Hafla has an exhaustive directory – and get the kids to set up camp in the garden. That’s a whole day taking care of. Adventurous much? Pack a picnic dinner and spend the night outdoors!

Splash Pool Day

Perfect idea for a sizzling hot day. Bring your inflatable splash pool out, place it around the pool or in the garden and you’re set! Let Hafla take it up a notch with water slides, additional inflatable pools in case the kids have guests, and even a tent to cover the area.

Bouncy House!

 Who says bouncy houses are just for birthday parties? With Hafla, you can get a bouncy house whenever you feel your kids need to jump away from that extra energy! Rent it for the entire weekend for better prices.


Reading to your kids, especially children in their formative years, is a very fulfilling activity. It benefits both you and the child by forging a special bond and works well for long summer afternoons that have to be spent indoors.


Have a LEGO or building blocks competition with the kids. You could draw up rules to build from imagination or take out a few block sets and follow steps to finish in a given time!

Make your own Popsicles

Another stay indoors and beat the heat idea – bring together some cut fruit, boxed juices, and popsicle molds. Let the kids mix and match to come up with their own popsicle flavors. Freeze and eat!

Play Dough

Playdough is a creative way to spend your time indoors. Children express themselves in surprising ways with a supply of different colored dough. Make things exciting by throwing in a set of tools that cut, slice, mix or make noodles out of the dough.

Plant a Seedling

Channel your child’s inner gardener and teach them how to plant a seedling. The entire process of preparing a pot, keeping it moist, and selecting a suitable spot for it is fun and engaging. It also adds water as an activity on the child’s daily calendar.

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