Ultimate guide on Ramadan outfit for women

by Renu Murthy
ramadan outfit for women

Ramadan is a month-long festival that requires you to follow a certain etiquette, whether or not you are fasting. Here are some amazing Ramadan outfit ideas for women. Try these amalgamations of patterns and textures to have the best Ramadan outfit of the day.

Here are some Ramadan dress tips for your reference.

Ramadan dress code during the month

It is recommended that everyone – fasters and non-fasters, men and women – dress conservatively through the month of Ramadan. Not doing so may offend people who are fasting. The Ramadan dress code advises people to wear clothes that cover the shoulders, torso and knees; and to avoid tight, short, low cut and revealing clothing. Also, to beat the heat, it is better to wear clothes that are loose-fitting and light in material and colour. 

Ramadan attire tips for office goers

If you have to get through a day of work while fasting, you might as well be comfortable while doing it.  Try mix and match amongst your collection as per the tips below : 

  • Your office look can include plain or striped full sleeve cotton shirts with pyjama-style pants. Wear loose leggings with long shirts for days you want to take it easy. 
  • On days you need to look formal, bring out your culottes or co-ord sets. 
  • Wondering what to do with your dresses this month? Pair them with narrow trousers and head to work! Alas, the best office Ramadan outfit for women!


Ramadan outfit ideas for non-fasters

If you are going to the office, the mall or have an invitation for a party, here are suggestions for what you can wear.

  • Breezy kaftans look great and provide the required cover. Choose dressy embroidered ones for an iftar dinner and simpler kaftans in linen or cotton to beat the heat for a day of shopping.
  • A simple way to go about dealing with the dress code this month is to wear your usual clothes but topped with an unbuttoned Ramadan abaya or kimono style wrap.
  • The boyfriend silhouette or anti-fit styled clothes that are so trendy this season will keep you covered, cool and relaxed.


What to wear for a Ramadan iftar party

Dress up after a day of fasting – Ramadan iftar parties can be a formal affair and dressing up for them is a must. At the same time, you have to abide by the dress code. Some tips.

  • Try layering your ensemble – this will provide the required cover and add a fashionable, trendy touch to your look. Use a belt to give shape to the outfit and keep layers in place and under control.
  • Coordinated sets with pyjama cut lower paired with kimono style tops are quite the style statement this year. And they fit the dress code perfectly!
  • Billowing balloon sleeves or voluminous sleeves with frilly layers look great on full-sleeved tops – airy and chic. Not only does this style suit the hot weather perfectly, but it fits the dress code requirement of covering up too.
  • Another suggestion for a flowing, covered summer look is printed or floral midi dresses. Trendy and hip, you could wear full-sleeved cotton or lightweight chiffon midis for your iftar dinner. 

Hosting an Iftar party is not just about being a good and gracious host, it is also about being well turned out. While Hafla is happy to pitch in with arrangements for your Ramadan iftar dinner party by helping with catering, seating options, decoration and return gifts to make organizing your party simple and hassle-free. This handy guide is Hafla’s attempt at helping women who are busy throughout the day and do not have time to worry about what to wear. 

Look your best and enjoy the festivities to the fullest.

Happy Ramadan!

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