4 Engaging Ramadan Activities for Kids – Ramadan 2024

by Renu Murthy
engaging Ramadan activities for kids

Ramadan is a special time for families to come together, reflect, and celebrate. But for young children, the concept of fasting and religious practices can be unfamiliar and even daunting. Fear not, parents and caregivers! This Ramadan, let’s make learning and observing the holy month fun, engaging, and joyful for your little ones. Keeping kids busy during Ramadan is quite a task. Whether it is little ones who are not fasting or older children who need something to keep them busy till the sun sets. Here are 4 Ramadan activities for kids that will keep them occupied, entertained and useful to you during the holy month of Ramadan.

Setting up the dinner table

Hosting Iftar get-togethers is routine during Ramadan. Considering the size of an iftar buffet menu, you certainly need help setting up the table for your guests. Let the kids pitch in – it will make them feel like a part of something bigger. For a memorable table set-up, rent any of Hafla’s Ramadan tablescape options that are aesthetically sound and visually stunning. After the table, use the kids’ help in arranging seats – let them roll out carpets and rugs and place mattresses and cushions in case you’ve opted for low majlis seating, or arrange lights and lanterns on coffee tables in the high majlis seating arrangement.

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Decorating the house

Kids are usually bubbling up with Ramadan decoration ideas. Let the kids handle decorations. You can always rent professional decoration items like crescent moon installations or Ramadan Mubarak décor easily online from Hafla. But let your kids set up a Ramadan display designed by them together with rented displays. Put up the papercraft items that they have made on a special table along with string lights and Arabic lanterns and watch them glow in glory.

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Wrapping return gift boxes

Presenting boxes of dates to your guests as return gifts? Ordering them online is a click away on the Hafla website, but wrapping them in decorative paper will be time-consuming. Let the kids handle this job. It will keep them busy and distracted, and at the same time, it will be another chore completed for you!

Create a craft corner at the party to keep them entertained

After these chores are done, the little ones deserve some real fun! While you are entertaining guests, let the kids keep themselves busy with art and Ramadan craft activities. Ramadan-specific crafts like assembling a personalized DIY charity box are creative. Also, try decorating a notebook cover that you can use as a gratitude journal. These are fun, informative and time-consuming. There are also multiple options available for easy Ramadan crafts for kindergarten kids. Layout a low wooden table to use as a workstation around which kids can sit comfortably and complete their Ramadan craft activity. 

You can also engage kids during Ramadan by hiring trending activities for kids such as

  • Transformation Station  – Where kids can use props to morph into their favourite characters.
  • String Art package – Where kids can make interesting art pieces – Stars and Moons
  • Colouring Station – Where kids can colour Ramadan-related drawings
  • Paper Quilling – Where kids can try some interesting shapes and patterns
  • Invoking Kids Prayer Room – An educative and interesting concept where kids can decorate their cardboard Prayer room with their creativity and talent.

Involving children from an early age during Ramadan allows them to understand and appreciate the tradition. While it makes sense to keep children busy with Ramadan activities to make passing the day easier, it is equally important that they get involved with the iftar dinner set up to help you out. But make sure you add an element of fun in the form of Ramadan activities designed especially for them.

Engaging Activities in Every Age Group

While fasting and prayer are central practices, creating fun and engaging activities can keep children excited and help them understand the spirit of the holy month.

The table provides a variety of age-appropriate ideas, from creative crafts to interactive games, designed to spark joy, encourage good deeds, and nurture an understanding of Ramadan traditions. So, put on your thinking caps, gather your supplies, and get ready to embark on a month of laughter, learning, and spiritual growth with your little ones!

Activity Materials Description
Decorate Ramadan lanterns:(Age: 4-6 yrs) Colored paper, glue, glitter, markers Let kids decorate paper lanterns with Islamic symbols, crescent moons, stars, and their names.
Create a “good deeds jar”:(Age: 7-9 yrs) Jar, construction paper, markers Decorate a jar and have kids write good deeds they completed each day, drawing them out at the end of Ramadan for a small reward.
Make a Ramadan scavenger hunt: (Age: 10-12 yrs) Clues related to Ramadan traditions, small treats Hide clues around the house or garden based on Ramadan facts and practices. The first one to find all the clues wins a treat.
Prepare special Iftar treats:(All Ages) Simple recipe ingredients, kid-friendly tools Involve kids in preparing some Iftar dishes. Encourage them to help measure, mix, and decorate.
Read Ramadan Stories Together:(All Ages) Children’s books about Ramadan Make reading time special by choosing engaging stories about Ramadan values, traditions, and historical figures.
Make Eid greeting cards:(All Ages) Cardstock, markers, glitter, stickers Let kids create personalized cards for family and friends, writing Eid greetings and drawing festive pictures.
Perform a charity play or skit:(All Ages) Simple costumes, props, open space Encourage kids to write and perform a short play about the importance of charity and helping others during Ramadan.
Listen to and learn Islamic nasheeds: (All Ages) Age-appropriate nasheeds, speakers Play uplifting and joyful nasheeds for kids to get in the Ramadan spirit and learn new songs.
Organize a mini-fasting challenge:(All Ages) Short time frames, and healthy snacks Gradually introduce younger kids to fasting by letting them participate in short-timed fasts with fun activities and healthy snacks afterwards.
Donate toys to less fortunate children: (All Ages) Gently used toys, donation box Encourage kids to declutter their toys and choose some to donate to charities supporting children in need.

Let your kids help set up the iftar dinner party, with a little help from Hafla. Browse the Hafla Ramadan page for unique and happening Ramadan iftar events. From catering options, festive lighting, Ramadan-themed décor and seating arrangements, Hafla has curated the best options just for you. Live entertainment options and return gifts are also a click away. So go ahead, and make organizing your iftar party simple and hassle-free!

Happy Ramadan!


Why is it important to involve children in Ramadan activities?

  • A: Involving children in Ramadan activities helps them understand and appreciate the traditions, fosters a sense of community, and makes the holy month more meaningful for them.

How can I keep my kids busy during Ramadan?

  • A: The blog suggests various activities like setting up the dinner table, decorating the house, wrapping return gift boxes, and creating a craft corner. Additionally, it recommends engaging activities for different age groups, ensuring kids stay entertained and involved.

Can I get professional help with Ramadan decorations?

  • A: Yes, you can rent professional decoration items online, like crescent moon installations or Ramadan Mubarak décor, from Hafla. This allows your kids to set up a personalized Ramadan display. How can kids contribute to Iftar preparations?

How Can Kids Contribute to Iftar Preparations?

  • A: Kids can help set up the dinner table, arrange seats, and even wrap return gift boxes. It keeps them busy and makes them feel like a part of the Ramadan preparations.

How can I make reading time special for my kids during Ramadan? 

  • A: The blog recommends making reading time special by choosing engaging stories about Ramadan values, traditions, and historical figures. Reading Ramadan stories together can be a meaningful activity.

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