Private dining in Dubai during Ramadan

by Hafla
Ramadan Private Dining

Many restaurants allow you to dine privately and out of sight in specially created spaces. Private dining in Dubai during the month of Ramadan broadly translates into the availability of dining options to the non-fasting population within the Ramadan guidelines of the country. This means that a non-fasting person can eat lunch at a restaurant during Ramadan. Traditionally, people who fast, break the fast at home with family. Nowadays, people get together at restaurants with family and friends. As such, restaurants offer a wide variety of buffets. Since private dining options are available for both iftar and suhoor meals, booking a spot always comes in handy.

Lunch during Ramadan – Guidelines for non-fasters in Dubai

  • Only some restaurants are open for lunch during Ramadan.
  • In accordance with Ramadan rules in Dubai, restaurants are allowed to operate for all meals during the festival, as long as they are discreet and serve food indoors.
  • Hotels can serve at their restaurants too, but only within the walled premises.
  • Non-fasting people are expected to show respect for those fasting by refraining from eating, drinking and smoking in public.

5 reasons to book private dining during Ramadan

  1. As a non-fasting person, you may wish to eat out and realize that certain establishments are not open for business during the day. Check for availability to save yourself the hassle of being turned away.
  2. Restaurants get extremely busy in the evening with the iftar meal and iftar buffet guests, so beating the rush by booking reservations is the smart thing to do.
  3. If you are fasting and wish to have the iftar meal at a restaurant of your choice – especially if you are in a large group – you must book a table for private dining considering the number of people who will be stepping out around the same time to break their fast.
  4. Thinking about organizing a corporate or community iftar event during Ramadan? Book a hall or a ballroom at a hotel for a buffet-style event.
  5. Hosting an iftar feast for friends and family? Pre-book a private dining room at a restaurant of your choice so that your guests and you can enjoy a cozy evening of food and festivities.

Easy booking for private dining during Ramadan

Whatever your reason, booking private dining through Hafla is easy, convenient and saves you time! Also, Hafla has an entire page dedicated to Ramadan dining, which means that all rules, regulations and Ramadan guidelines will be adhered to without you having to check. Our Experience Hafla page lists all the top restaurants that offer private dining in Dubai. Not just that, we have specially designed and well-priced packages for restaurants with private dining rooms and areas that include add-ons like Ramadan-themed decorations and complimentary Kanoon players.

So, go ahead and book your private dining slot and enjoy the festivities to the fullest.
Happy Ramadan!


What is the meaning of private dining?

To show respect to those fasting, private dining allows you to eat in secluded or marked spaces in restaurants during the month of Ramadan.

Can we eat in public during Ramadan in the UAE?

During Ramadan, eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited in the UAE. Violation of the rule may attract heavy fines.

Can we dine in during Ramadan?

Yes, dining in indoor spaces like your home, closed office cubicles or private dining areas of restaurants is allowed in the UAE.

Are restaurants open in Dubai during Ramadan?

Yes, many restaurants and eateries in shopping malls and hotels are open and serve food to non-fasters during Ramadan.

Can prior booking be made for lunch during Ramadan?

Restaurants and hotels encourage prior bookings to ensure you get a spot for dining.

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