Ramadan 2024 – Ramadan decoration ideas for fun filled festivities

by Hafla
Ramadan Decoration

Add to the Ramadan spirit with glittering lights, pretty flowers and other Ramadan Kareem decoration ideas. Join the festivities by lighting up your space, beautifying and setting it up for cozy iftar meals with family and friends. Here are some easy-to-handle DIY Ramadan decoration ideas that you can use to get the office, building or your home Ramadan-ready!

1. Dress up the outside with canopy-styled lighting

Get creative with Ramadan moon and stars canopy lighting or any other Ramadan light decoration to brighten up your outdoor space. A lit-up canopy looks excellent at night and adds that special touch to large spaces like gardens outside a villa, in public parks and on concrete spaces outside buildings.

Light up a corner with an Arabic lantern installation

Arabic lantern light installations add a festive flavor and are a vital element of Ramadan office decoration. It brightens up the space, be it your backyard, a corner in the office, the lobby at a mall or even retail stores and cafes.

Place low majlis seating for weekends

Thinking about getting family and friends over on the weekends for a cozy iftar meal? In true Ramadan spirit, set up the traditional low majlis seating to put your guests in a celebratory mood. Hang some Ramadan wall decorations in the background for added effect.

Set up a crescent moon installation in the lobby

Get a large metal crescent moon installation for your building this year. Effective, welcoming and pretty, the crescent moon with fairy lights looks great in large outdoor spaces. Also, try the latest trend of installing a gigantic crescent moon tree to adorn the lobby.

Put out a welcoming Ramadan Kareem installation at the entrance

A large Ramadan Kareem lighting installation is best suited for the approach to buildings, offices and shopping complexes. Place one at the entrance and let it transform your space!

Add Arabic majlis-themed sofas and coffee tables to the reception area

Put the office in Ramadan spirit by adding Arabic majlis-themed sofas and coffee tables to your seating arrangement at the reception. Use some more Ramadan decorations around the area and you’re set!

Set up Ramadan Balloon Arch 

Set up a Ramadan balloon display at the entrance of your home or office to create a festive atmosphere for your kids and family members. In an office setting, a Ramadan balloon arch adds an exemplary touch to events like iftar gatherings, enhancing the overall mood of the occasion.

Sounds like too much for you to handle? Let an experienced and professional service like Hafla step in here and help you. Hafla’s exhaustive Ramadan decoration ideas are just a click away – all you have to do is log on to the website and add whatever you like to your shopping bag! You won’t have to go shop to shop looking for Ramadan decorations and installations mentioned above – Hafla is a one-stop shop for everything! And don’t worry – our team will deliver, install and remove the decoration items you rent.

Also, Hafla has something for every budget – if renting an installation for the month isn’t what you are looking for, we are happy to design a weekend package for you. Both our monthly as well as weekly packages turn out cheaper than a daily rental plan; so go ahead and select the seating arrangements, lighting installations and other Ramadan decorations that you like.

Ramadan Decoration Ideas for Home:

Decoration Ideas Details
Create a Prayer Corner: Designate a dedicated space for prayer. – Use a prayer rug and a comfortable cushion. – Decorate with Islamic calligraphy art, crescent moon lights, or prayer beads.
Festive Lighting: String fairy lights or lanterns around doorways, windows, or walls. – Use warm white or colored lights for a festive ambience. – Consider hanging crescent moon or star-shaped lights for a Ramadan theme.
Ramadan Table Setting: Use a tablecloth with Islamic patterns or Ramadan-themed colors (gold, red, green). – Place decorative plates and bowls for dates and fruits. – Set out elegant cutlery and glassware for iftar meals.

Ramadan Decoration Ideas for Office:

Decoration Ideas Details
Subtle Touches: Hang Ramadan greetings or inspirational quotes in common areas. – Place a decorative bowl with dates or dried fruits in the reception area. – Light-scented candles with calming aromas
Communal Iftar Space: If feasible, designate a space for employees to break their fast together. – Set up a simple table with a tablecloth and basic tableware.
Charitable Donations: Set up a box for employees to donate to charity in the spirit of Ramadan. – Encourage giving back to the community.

Browse through Hafla’s selection of Ramadan decorations to add shine and glitter to the festival.

Happy Ramadan!


What types of lighting installations does Hafla offer for Ramadan decorations?

  • Hafla provides a variety of options, including canopy-styled lighting, Ramadan moon and stars canopy lighting, Arabic lantern installations, crescent moon installations, and more.

Can I customize the Ramadan decorations to suit my specific space or theme?

  • Yes, Hafla offers a range of customizable options to tailor the decorations to your preferences, ensuring they complement your space and desired theme.

Can I rent specific decoration items instead of a complete package?

  • Certainly! Hafla provides flexibility in its offerings. You can choose to rent individual items according to your needs or opt for one of our curated packages for added convenience.

What happens if I encounter issues with the rented decorations?

  • Hafla values customer satisfaction. If you encounter any issues with the decorations, please contact our customer support, and we will promptly address and resolve any concerns you may have.

How far in advance should I place my order for Ramadan decorations?

  •  To ensure availability and timely delivery, we recommend placing your order well in advance. Popular items may be in high demand, especially closer to the Ramadan season, so it’s best to secure your decorations early.

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