How streaming and social media changed the game in the event industry

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Social media and streaming have acted as catalysts in upping the standard as well as the reach of the event industry. Read on to know-how.

Networking opportunities

The success of an event is largely based on networking opportunities, and social media is the perfect model to deliver relevant prospects. Consider social media as networking on steroids, always showing the way to draw people to events.


Streaming and social media have transformed the art of promotion – before, during, and after an event. Social media engagement has replaced traditional promotion techniques and is very often the sole way to drive attendance. The huge number of people on some social media platform or the other ensures that attendance/involvement increases exponentially because of online promotion. 

Marketing redefined

With social media stepping in and taking over yet another essential aspect of events, it has actually redefined marketing. Word of mouth has taken on a new meaning – with the click of a button, you have access to an entire target population. Gone are the days of making individual phone calls and personalized emails. 

Automatic filter

Once the promotion for the event is set in motion, consumers are able to express their preference by liking, following, and joining pages for the event. As such, organizers actually get to know what their target audience is without having to filter through the entire population. 

Communication is the key

Social media has the unique ability to encourage participants to communicate and collaborate even before an event kicks off. This can transform the entire event – in a positive way – by offering opportunities organizers didn’t even know existed. The sky’s the limit!

Live platforms

Live formats of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube take events to another level by allowing the event to be broadcast in real-time across multiple screens. People who could not participate are kept in the loop with constant updates. This inspires them to join in at a later stage or even the next time.

Empowered attendees

Empowered attendees who now have the power to review the event and act as critics, help push the level of an event up. Multiple sources of feedback make organizers strive to improve quality, content, and arrangements. It also allows event organizers to make changes based on feedback, which is instant with social media around.

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