How to keep Kids Engaged during Eid Holidays

by Hafla

As parents, you need to work out your game plan for Eid break to keep the kids busy. Here are a few ideas that should help the brat pack stay occupied.


Activity Time

Beat the heat – splash around in waterparks, head to the ice skating rink, try out some indoor skiing and snowboarding, or head to indoor play centers that are divided into zones to accommodate kids of all ages and interests. You could also let them explore their creative side with activities that involve color, material, craft, and art – there are many summer classes that offer just the activity your children may be interested in. Get up close and personal with the creatures of the underwater world – the Dubai Aquarium is a favorite with kids of all ages. Older kids? Take them to play zones that have bowling lanes, dodgeball, roller skating, basketball, billiards, e-gaming zones, and ping pong. Or, head to the indoor karting facility and let them try their hand at the wheel. You could also take the kids to experience the many theme parks Dubai has to offer, but if you wish to stay in, try virtual reality parks or movie theatres instead. 

Hotel staycation 

Hotels in Dubai and across the region are offering staycation packages for families. There are some really tempting deals that include not just meals at multiple restaurants but also entertainment programs for kids. ‘Playcation’ deals include access to play areas, sport options, pool time, creative activities, beach games, and fun tours for kids. Book the family for one of these over Eid break! 

Set up a play area at home!

For those of you who are still not comfortable taking the kids into crowded public places, there’s no reason to worry. Hafla will help create a kids’ play area at home. It’s pretty simple. Set up water slides and throw in a constant supply of ice to cool the water down – we are happy to organize these for you – and your kids will have the most exciting Eid break ever! Younger kids at home? Add a bouncy castle to the mix and let the kids jump their extra energy away. 

Here’s another idea – keep the heat out by covering some part of your garden with our economically priced long-term tent rental. You could also fit a part of your tented area with sidewall enclosures and cool the place down with an air cooler or an air conditioner. Let us do it up with outdoor furniture and you have a comfy seating area for snack breaks!

Screen time 

When it’s time for the little ones to catch their breath after an exciting few hours in your private play area, allow them some screen time indoors. There are a host of educational websites that they can spend time exploring which are both entertaining and will help widen their horizons. Let them have exclusive TV time for their favorite shows, or you could set up a movie night for them and add popcorn to make it more fun!

Old school tips 

Not a fan of too much screen time? Here are some ‘old school’ suggestions to keep kids occupied during Eid break. Stocking up on supplies before the holidays – tools, toys, and instruments like magnifying glasses, binoculars, a basic gardening kit, DIY science experiments, art and craft supplies, creative stationery and play tents will keep them busy and entertained for a long time. You would be surprised at what you will discover about your child and their aptitude when you just let them be! Assigning basic tasks like cleaning up their rooms and making them do fun projects like baking cookies or fixing breakfast work very well too.

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