Types of Tents & their Usage for Event Rentals

by Hafla

Selecting a tent for your event? Once you know what you need the tent for and exactly what purpose it should serve, finalizing the right kind of tent becomes quite easy.


Pole tents

Pole tents are tents with center peaks, supported by interconnecting poles and one pole in the center which is responsible for the traditional pointed look. Uncomplicated, great looking, available in various sizes, and easy to set up and dismantle, pole tents are budget-friendly too. They are a perfect choice for events held outdoor on grass surfaces since the poles need to be staked into the ground. The only drawback in a pole tent is the pole in the middle which obstructs the line of sight. 

Use: Pole tents can be used for most events across the board. They are unsuitable for events like weddings where there is one focal point and for outdoor events without a grass surface.

Frame tents or clear span tents

Frame tents are similar to pole tents except for the view-obstructing pole in the center. Erected on a frame made in a modular design, these tents can cover large areas without the need for additional support. As such, you get an unobstructed view from all points under the tent. A-frame tent can be adjusted for size by adding or removing sections. You can dress the tent up with flooring of your choice and side walls if required.

Use: Frame tents are ideal for hosting weddings, big parties, large corporate events, and public gatherings. Because of the advantage of space, you can add a stage or even a dance floor within it. They are unsuitable for small gatherings.

Canopy tents

Canopy tents serve as a supplement to the location of the event, they are usually not the main venue. Put up a canopy tent when you need a spot of shade or if you are looking to add to the landscape of your venue. Depending on the size of your event, a few canopy tents in your outdoor location will help guests get in and out of the sun or rain. It can also serve to keep your catering indoors. Canopies typically come with sidewalls and inbuilt windows.

Use: Canopy tents are ideal for birthday parties, barbeques, a large family get-together, or small events on the beach. They are unsuitable for large events.

Circus tents

Circus tents are actually pole or frame tents with bold, colorful stripes. As with pole and frame tents, they can also be adjusted for size depending on the scale of your event. Circus tents can be done up with circus-themed accessories to complete the picture.

Use: Ideal for fair-themed events and birthday parties for children, the circus tent creates quite the atmosphere! Unsuitable for corporate events and weddings.

Marquee tents

When a frame tent is designed in a way that its looks like a pole tent with a peak, it is called a marquee tent. This is done by taking the help of a cross cable design on which the center poles rest, eliminating the need to ground the poles required for peaks. These tents are sturdy, extendable, and can be customized for size and shape.

Use: Marquee tents are ideal to use as cover for walkways, footpaths, entrances to venues, and as extensions to event areas. They can be pinned into the ground and also into concrete or tarmac using weight ballast.

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