How to Organize a Baby Shower

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Celebrating a baby shower is one thing while planning it is quite another! Here are a few handy tips that will help you get your baby shower ducks in a row.

Finalize your guest list

The number of guests you invite is a deciding factor for other things. The length of the guest list is directly responsible for the budget, which in turn will affect factors like the venue you can hire and the amount that may be allocated to the menu, party favors, and entertainment.

Decide on a date and send out invites

Imagine preparing for a party only to have a whole lot of no-shows. Avoid an uncomfortable situation by deciding on a date for the shower and sending out invites in time. You can even send out save the date messages ahead of time and the actual invite-only once you finalize the venue.

Work out a budget

With the guest list in place, it’s time you worked out a budget. Setting a budget will help you organize better and avoid issues with partner hosts if any. Allocate set amounts to all categories of expenses including venue, menu, party favors, entertainment, themed décor, and photoshoot charges.

Decide on a venue

Your venue will set the tone of the entire party – its theme and décor, the menu that can be served, and even the sort of entertainment that is possible to plan there. Choose wisely – or let a venue specialist at Hafla help – this is the make or break factor of a baby shower.

Choose a theme

Personalized banners, streamers, balloons, cutouts! Baby shower themes are so much fun to select. You could go with the usual blues and pinks or step away from them and select a theme that is close to the mum-to-be’s heart. Browse through Hafla’s extensive choices for a themed décor that you will love.

Menu matters

Baby showers are usually tea parties but can be planned to cover any meal you wish. A standard menu for a baby shower tea party will include themed cupcakes, pastry platters, desserts, sandwiches, tinted drinks, custom cakes, crème latte art, and customized cookies; all announced on personalized menus.

Draw up an entertainment plan

Photo booth walls with accessories, guessing games, art, and craft-based activities, a friendship bracelet counter, a floral crown station – step out of the box when you plan baby shower entertainment.

Set up a gift registry

Set up a gift registry to avoid repeats of gifts and items that the mum may be forced to exchange. This is the most efficient way to stock up on all the baby supplies required, and also save her hours of effort at return counters.

Select party favors

Party favors can be a formality that you must go through or something that you put thought into and surprise the guests. Avoid run-of-the-mill cookie bags and think of potted flowering plants or spa discount coupons instead.

Photoshoot fun

You must document the baby shower. Hire a professional photographer to do the honors. Everyone close will be in attendance, looking their best and jostling to get in the frame with the glowing expectant mum. Perfect time to click!

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