Tips to Plan an Outdoor Hafla During Summer

by Hafla

Planning a summer outdoor event? You will be up against high temperatures and strong winds. Here are some tips to help you make your outdoor summer Hafla a cool success.

Go green

Greenery reduces temperature. If possible, set your event in an area with lots of trees and shrubs which will help cool the surroundings down naturally and also add to the shady areas. If you like organizing events at home, design the garden space of your villa in such a way that trees cut the heat out. 

Rent tents!

A tent is a necessity for an outdoor Hafla in the summer. A physical barrier is the first line of defense against the harsh summer heat. Boost your cooling by hiring tents with coolers or air conditioning. Use tents with sidewall enclosures to keep strong winds out and maintain cooling within the tent. Afraid you’ll lose the view? Try clear walled tents. Another trick that works is using white or light-colored fabric for that cool, airy look. Hoping to entertain at your villa over long summer weekends? Try Hafla’s short-term weekend tent rental, it turns out cheaper. You could also save yourself money and the effort of multiple tents setups by covering your villa’s garden and pool area through the duration of the summer with our long-term tent rental plan. This one’s even more economical!

Pool party

Now that your garden and pool are covered with a tent, it’s time to push the summer party a notch up! Browse through Hafla’s menu of outdoor furniture and create a comfortable sitting area around the pool. Make it fun for the kids by setting up water slides and shallow splash pools for the little ones – we can hook you up with those too. One too many guests for your kitchen to handle? Outsource help by hiring a caterer for your weekend pool party.

Cool catering

A party in the summer requires a suitable menu. Keep your food items light and your drinks cold and refreshing. We are talking foods with high water content like fruit and fresh salads, items without heavy ingredients like cream, and lots of veggies and seafood. If there is a pool in the vicinity and kids at your party then iced shakes, frozen drinks, and ice drops will be a hit. You could even have an ice cream party!

Timing tips

Since it is not possible to predict the weather at the time of venue booking which is typically months in advance, it is always a good idea to book a rainproof tent for an outdoor Hafla. Another timing tip involves the time of the day. If possible, plan your summer outdoor event for later in the evening or at night, after it has cooled down a bit. Not only will your air conditioning be more effective, your guests will also be encouraged to stay longer. 

Portable toilets

Ensuring the availability of a toilet for your outdoor party reflects a keen sense of customer service and attention to your guests’ comfort. Remember to arrange for a cleaner on site too.

Surface issues

Covering the grass/surface with some kind of platform in case of an entertainment itinerary works wonders – dancing on grass could get a little cumbersome! Also, make it a point to recommend flat shoes to your guests in the invite.

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