10 Brilliant Tips for Entertaining Guests Outdoors

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Planning an outdoor Hafla? With pleasant winter months around the corner, the time to take your party outside is here! Read on for a few tips for entertaining guests outdoors.

  1. Keep the menu simple: An outdoor Hafla means you could be the only one stuck in the kitchen. So plan an uncomplicated menu with cold salads, fresh fruit, cheese, and cold cut platters, sandwiches, and cold drinks – items that can be prepared in advance – and organize a picnic-style set up in your garden.
  2. BBQ time! Another fun way to be a part of the party is by grilling your menu. With a grill in the garden, you’ll have your guests standing around you as you rustle up the goodies. Set up a table with the rest of the ingredients and encourage your guests to put their meals together themselves. Take the DIY a step further with a drinks/lemonade stall. Prepare large batches of lemonade or drinks mixes, place glasses and an ice bucket within easy reach, and let guests refill their drinks.
  3. Comfort in the outdoors: Give your outdoor seating a makeover with comfortable and thick cushions and throws. Outdoor Haflas are a great idea as long as comfort is not compromised. In two minds about your seating arrangement? Hire the perfect outdoor furniture from Hafla
  4. No hassle Hafla: Guests coming over without too much notice? No problem! Outsource your entire menu – hire a food truck for the snacks and meal and an ice cream cart for dessert. 
  5. Mobile drinks: Stock up your bar cart with all things drink – from mixers to ice, shakers, stirrers, and glasses. With a mobile drinks station around, you can always wheel it around the garden as required and take it inside when you need to stock up.
  6. Set the mood: The right lighting can change the look of your space. Hang some paper lanterns, place a few floating candles, and for more drama, hang dangling lights up in a tree. Too much effort? Get in touch with Hafla and let us transform your garden with pretty fairy lighting strings.
  7. Keep the bugs out: An outdoor party must be keeping insects at bay. Choose from citronella candles or incense, mosquito repellant spray and wipes, or use a combination of all. You could even place an electric pest zapper at a distance. Another way to keep the bugs out is with portable fans switched on at a comfortable speed. 
  8. Music playlist: Have your party music ready. Choose a playlist according to your party mood. Use a portable speaker for background playing, but if you’re looking at taking it up a notch, Hafla is happy to hook you up with the right audio system.
  9. Entertainment: If your guest list includes little kids, offer some blowing soap bubbles to keep them busy and out of your way. Set up slip and slide mats and turn on a sprinkler, or fill up splash pools if the weather is right.
  10. Click away! Make wonderful memories of your fun Hafla with the help of a professional photographer. Pictures of a good time come out best in the outdoor light!

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