Successful Corporate Event Planning Checklist

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Being in charge of a corporate event can be challenging. But if you are clear about what you should do and avoid, event planning is not just simple, but actually fun.


Things to do for a Successful Corporate Event

Do make a plan

Always start with a plan, and work this plan out ahead of time. When you have time on your side, you are able to book venues and products of your choice, exercise options, make changes, and stay within a budget.

Do send out invites on time

Sending out invites timely is very important. Make sure you organize a ‘save the date’ communication before the formal invite, and then remember to follow your invite up with a reminder. 

Choose the D-day wisely

Avoid holding the event on a date that is close to or during the holidays, a major festival, or even a major industry event. Ensuring adequate attendance is a big part of the success of your event.


The foundation of any event is its location. Other than it being conveniently placed, it should also be equipped with everything you need like audio/visual capabilities, connectivity, space to accommodate guests and your catering arrangement, and transport. Not a fan of last-minute surprises? Always do an in-person walkthrough of the prospective venue before booking it. 

Theme and entertainment

Corporate events have a tendency to border on the dull. Dressing it up with a theme and making it fun with entertainment breaks will help make the event exciting, memorable, and successful. After all, one of the major signs of success is recall. Browse through Hafla’s entertainment options, themed furniture, and decor selection and pick the perfect ones for your event!

Things to avoid for a Successful Corporate Event

Don’t take on everything

Planning an event is no walk in the park. There are so many things to do – small and big, and an equal number of loose ends to tie! Every day, you will be adding more to that list of already pending jobs. To keep your sanity intact, hire an event planner

Don’t cut corners

If you have a budget, don’t cut corners. The effort (read money) put into a well-finished event shows in the little details. Set a part of the budget aside for small things like party favors; it is things like this that leave a lasting impression. 

Don’t forget your plan B

In your effort to pull off the perfect event, don’t forget to put a backup in place. A plan B is for emergency situations where you will need to think on your feet and deliver quickly before the schedule details. 

Countdown to D-Day

Don’t take vendors for granted. Start early on the day of the event, preferably with a checklist. Check that all arrangements are in order so that everything kicks off to a good start. Check on details like restrooms, parking arrangements, catering setup, A/V connections, and even directions to the venue.

Don’t panic

It is easier said than done, but this is sound advice. A seemingly ‘perfect’ corporate event has its own drama, albeit concealed by the plan Bs and professional event planners who are trained to react to unexpected situations. Hafla’s experts deal with event emergencies successfully on a regular basis.

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