10 Fun Corporate Team Building Activities

by Hafla

Apart from serving as much-needed breaks from the routine, team building exercises actually help in building equations and relationships, in forming bonds, and letting you discover more about each other.

Mystery dinner

Set up a multiple-member dinner. Put people from different teams together on the same table, out of their comfort zone, so that they bond by being forced to strike a conversation with strangers. It also helps people understand how other departments work. Might be awkward to start with, but this classic activity is always successful, after all, free food and entertainment are a great combination. 

Truth and lies

Get team members to sit in a circle and present three statements about themselves, two of which are true and one is made up. The others have to guess which one is untrue. This activity ends up being very informative and helpful in team-building and generates lots of laughs too.

Dumb charades

Known by many names, this classic game has simple rules. Each team chooses one member who mimes and/or draws the name of a famous movie or personality. The other team members have to guess the correct answer in a limited time period. Participants will remember this game from their childhood!

Tie them up

Tie the members of your team at the wrist in pairs, or even in groups, and give them a task to perform. This could be something like building a simple Lego model or filling a carton up with confetti. What this does is force people to work together and listen to each other’s opinions in an effort to solve a problem. 

Minefield walk

An easy to organize and execute bonding game, the minefield walk also builds trust and confidence. The team pairs up into two’s, one member is blindfolded and expected to cross an open space with obstacles with the help of their partner’s verbal instructions. The open space could be a park or an empty lot while the obstacles could be traffic cones or plastic bottles. Easy!

Mockumentary at work

Making a movie is always fun, and making one at work and about work is sure to be a blast! Don’t get into complications like cameras and lighting, just ask the team to fish out their phones and press the record button. Delegate a part of the plot to each person and then watch the fun unfold while the footage is edited and presented as a whole. Make a big deal out of watching the finished product by hiring a venue with a projector, organizing tickets to the show, and serving drinks and dinner.

Work towards a cause

Working towards a charitable cause where you end up donating something, is very fulfilling. Doing it with a team only reinforces the good in everyone and brings you closer together. Your options include actually making something that you can donate as an activity, or organizing a drive where you raise money and buy something to donate. Can we put this in the top 3 points and mention CSR?

Tournament time

Jenga, board games, cards, boggle, or sporty options like basketball or even baseball – give a twist to the game with your own rules and organize a tournament around it. Depending on your budget, your tournament can include the works; from cheerleaders, mascots, real trophies, and quirky participation certificates to referees and refreshments. Let Hafla hire the perfect venue for your tournament, and even set you up with all the nitty-gritty required for the event.

Karaoke night

What’s better than a loud and rowdy karaoke session? A group karaoke competition! That’s right – music breaks the ice, helps people bond and create connections, and karaoke even more so. Classic old school, always a hit, you should round off your perfect karaoke evening with drinks and dinner. 

Game time

Go-karting, laser tag, mini-golf, or paintball – tap the kid inside you and you will be surprised how much fun you can have! Hire a games arena youngsters to go to, or hook this up in an open area, with the required permissions of course, and let loose. Enjoy a noisy and fun bonding session!

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