Virtual Team Building Activities

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Team building is an important part of corporate exercises. Here are some ideas for virtual team building that are inexpensive, require little preparation, serve the purpose and help break the ice!

Take a Dance Break

Dancing is the universal code for letting your hair down – a dance session helps break the ice, refreshes participants, keeps energy levels high, and is lots of fun. No preparation is needed for this one, all you need is a list of top dance hits. A Zumba class is a good idea too. After all, what’s better than an exercise fitness program based on dance, especially when you’re working from home? 

Focus on Health and Well-Being

Talking about working from home, health and well-being have taken on a new meaning in today’s virtual setup. Bring everyone together for yoga or meditation sessions. Not only will you have a healthier team, they will also be happier! 

Trivia Quiz

This one may need a moderator. Organize yourselves into teams and hold a fun trivia quiz. It could be trivia about movies, shows, music, pop culture, politics, or sports. You could even have a category called ‘silly questions’! Raise the bar for the second round – let teams choose their areas of interest or specialization.

Dinner Date

Organize a virtual dinner date – get together for a meal! The downtime will help encourage casual chit-chat and bonding. This is a classic way to build your team without putting the focus on team building. 

Recipe Face-off

Organize a recipe face-off – entries must have pictures and recipes of what you make best or something that is made in a unique fashion in your family. Like dance, food is a universal language, making this challenge a very effective exercise in bonding. 

Share Bucket List

Bucket lists of life goals, travel destinations, and experiences tell a lot about people. A peek into the aspirations of a person reveals different facets of their personalities. Include completed bucket list items in the discussion too, if only to know where you have reached your goals!

Make up a Story 

This one has members arranged in a sequence. The first person writes one line of a story along with a second incomplete one. The next person builds on the story by completing the incomplete line, writing another line, and leaving an incomplete one for the next person to pick up! Read the full story together later over a drink!

Two Truths and a Lie

A classic ice breaker, this one has each participant presenting three statements about themselves – one of which is a lie. The rest have to guess which ones are true and which one is a lie! Loud, fun, and exciting, you can also score it and celebrate a winner.

World Map Challenge

Engrossing and fun, a little competition always helps. Self-explanatory, this game is best set to time. All you have to do is provide a world map with the countries outlined. The person who names the maximum number of countries within the time limit wins!

When you are able to hold in-person team-building sessions, Hafla will be happy to hook you up with everything from venue and catering to sound systems.

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