Creative ways to celebrate Halloween at work

by Hafla
Corporate Halloween

Halloween 2022 is here! 

The season of festivities begins with Halloween. Everyone’s looking forward to a well-planned Halloween celebration at work. Time to come together and celebrate with fun Halloween events that aid in breaking the ice among co-workers, bonding and having fun, reducing stress levels, increasing motivation and lifting morale – right up there! Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up, gobble candy at work and let your hair down. Here are some creative Halloween office party ideas.

Costume contest 

What’s better than dressing up in strange clothes and showing up at work? Dressing up in strange clothes and walking a makeshift ramp as you are judged for your efforts! Push the competition bar higher by handing out prizes for categories like Least Recognizable, Most Creative, Funniest Costume and Scariest Costume. Just make sure the costumes are work-appropriate.

Do up the desk

In the spirit of competition, here’s another one – a desk decoration contest. You could allocate a budget for supplies and decorations and give out a prize at the end of it! This will help create a festive atmosphere around the workplace and add to the décor for the day. Go ahead and decorate the whole floor, and entrance with spooky Halloween decorations.

Movie time!

Spend a few hours away from the desk by organising a movie marathon on a projector. Do up the room with Halloween-themed decorations like cobwebs and ghosts. Pick classic Halloween movies and serve spooky snacks along with lots of candy. Are you thinking about impressing your team? Hire expert event planners who will set up the whole movie idea from venue to décor and catering.

Click! Set up a photo booth

Stock on props, wigs, face paint and masks for everyone. Set up a makeshift photo booth and hire a professional shutterbug to capture the efforts of your team! Organize a framing booth where participants can get prints of their pictures to take home in Halloween-themed photo frames.

Mummy wrapping contest

This one is a team sport. Divide the participants into teams and have them dress one member up as a tissue roll mummy. Set the competition to time and you’ll have an exciting session with plenty of fun and laughter. Judges get to pick a winner.

Pumpkin carving

Give the traditional pumpkin carving activity an inclusive twist by inviting the kids. This will help co-workers get to know each other’s families and put faces to their names. Let the activity be an adventure where the family performs as a unit to present their work. Let the best pumpkin win!

Halloween potluck

Halloween-themed dishes are always a hit at potlucks. There’s no better way to explore your creativity than in culinary style. Scary-looking pies, pumpkin muffins, apple cider, eyeball-shaped eggs, mummies in a blanket – the list goes on. You could even have team members try Halloween-themed cocktails to go with the meal. Ghoul punch anyone?

Half day

Let your team off early. After a quick round of Halloween-themed celebrations, leaving work and getting home early to celebrate with family is easily the best thing you can do for anyone. Top your party celebrations up with a little Halloween-themed party favour bag with candy and treats that can be carried home for the family!

Happy Halloween 2022 !

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