Fun Office Party Ideas

by Hafla

The office party is not just a party. It is invariably aimed at fulfilling a corporate agenda. If done right, you will see positive results in various spheres of the workplace – an increase in employee satisfaction, retention numbers going north, and a marked improvement in the workplace atmosphere. Corporate office parties are essential to the organization’s health because they give people the opportunity to connect at a personal level in informal surroundings. With these creative and fun office party ideas, it will be easy to keep the good times going. Read on!

Host a cool karaoke night

All you need for this noisy celebration is a karaoke setup. No venue issues, no putting together of accessories, no complicated prep – just your team with their vocal cords and an empty conference room. Keep the food and drinks coming, and you’ll have yourself a loud party!

Bring on the board games

Turn the clock back a bit to bring in the retro – collect a set of board games, pull out tables and chairs and you have a group of excited adults behaving like kids having a blast! There are checkers, snakes, and ladders, carom, monopoly, and twister to choose from. You could even lay out a chessboard for the serious ones.

Plan a potluck party

Nothing helps in bonding more than a good home-cooked meal. And what’s better than a potluck? Everyone brings a dish – something that they’re good at rustling up – to add that personal touch and introduce a topic for discussion.

Have some photo booth fun

Photo booths – that innocuous stall at every fair has been jazzed up with accessories, backgrounds, speech bubbles, and selfie sticks. Photo booth sessions help break the ice, creating an informal atmosphere when participants let their guard down strike fun poses! 

Organize a mini basketball blast

Let that extra energy out. A little competition is always a good thing. Set up a mini basketball ring – you could add a buzz to it by ordering personalized t-shirts – and hold a series of matches over a couple of weekends.

It’s throwback theme time!

Dinner with a twist – add a theme to a dinner party. Go with the roaring 20’s or swinging 60’s for a touch of drama complete with costumes and make-up. You could also choose a movie or a web series to make it exciting.

Time for virtual vibes

Not comfortable hobnobbing with colleagues as yet? Keep social distancing guidelines in place and set up a virtual party. Send an invite over the most convenient conference call service, choose a fun activity to keep your employees engaged and you’re on! 

Enter escape room excitement

Escape room challenges act as a team-building activity along with being fun and entertaining. Having to solve a problem by collaborating with colleagues boosts confidence and builds trust.

Set up a food fiesta

Another food-related idea but this one involves taking a class. Hire an instructor/chef to hold a dumpling or pasta-making class. The party that follows could involve prizes for the best cook!

Talent show shenanigans

Let your employees reveal a personal side of themselves while entertaining each other. Throw open a talent show and take entries for everything from singing to mimicry, dance, and skits. You’d be surprised at the hidden gems that may be discovered!

As much as office parties help unwind and relax, they also forge bonds that no workshop can deliver. So the next time you think of a team-building exercise, let Hafla work out the details and have a party instead!

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