How to Organize a Successful Small Event

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If you are directly in charge of planning a small event, it’s good to know how to go about planning a successful corporate event. Here are tips you can use.

Clarity of purpose and plan

Clarity, in this case, means not just of purpose but also of the plan. Right at the onset, you should know why you are hosting the event and what your expectation from it is. It is only after this is clear that you will be able to understand the requirements of your plan in greater detail. Your event plan should include basics like the best day and time, budget limitation, the number of guests, and venue selection.

Promote your event

Promotion is a very important part of the plan. After all, what is an event without adequate attendance? Make full use of social media to plug your event, and do it well in time. Once your slots are full, your entire focus can shift to planning the event. A business event will need to be marketed in a corporate-specific space, so you should concentrate on factors like your panel of speakers. Also, make sure that your invites are sent out timely.

Have a Plan B

A backup plan for critical features of your event, in case of a mistake or a no-show, is always a good idea. Knowing how you are going to deal with an unexpected situation will give you the confidence that even the best laid out plans won’t. So work on a plan B that will help you adapt and carry on with your event without the unwanted glitch.

Meet your event planner

If you are taking the help of a professional event planner, make sure you meet the point person. This will help you give and get greater clarity about your event, open channels of communication, and even build trust. At Hafla, once you share your basic event details on the website, the next step involves scheduling an appointment with the right person from their team of event experts. Get the personal touch right at the start!

Pay attention to logistics

Do you need extra chairs, should there be portable toilets, is it appropriate to plan entertainment breaks during the event, should you design the event according to a theme? There will always be some detail that may escape your notice. This is where a professional event planner comes in handy. If you browse through the Hafla website, you will notice that this carefully designed platform takes you through all available options in a logical sequence so that you don’t miss a thing. 

To cater or not to cater

The key to serving meals or snacks and refreshments at small corporate events is to keep the menu selection functional. When the focus of the event is not dining, it is essential to prevent the catering from interfering with the event. As such, try to sidestep a formal meal, but if that’s not possible then ensure that the meal is in an adjacent space or the menu revolves around finger food served by waiters. 

Prepare an on-site checklist

Arrive early on-site on D-day just to see that the event kicks off to a good start. Check the room, the catering, the audio/visual set up, signage to the venue as well as to refreshments and toilets if required, and signage to parking spaces. When everything is in place, it’s time to rake in the benefits of a successful show!

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