Why you need a fully integrated event sourcing platform

by Hafla
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Time, artificial intelligence, cost effective solutions, recommendations and reviews – when you plan a Hafla (aka party) with the help of technology, these are some things that are taken for granted. It is these very factors that make all the difference to the end product that is your event. A fully integrated event sourcing platform is one of those creations that bring technology and innovation together in such a way that you are able to organize events effortlessly.


Attempting to plan a Hafla without the help of technology – or without a fully integrated event sourcing platform – needs plenty of time. In today’s day, time is a luxury few can afford! Consider a fully integrated event sourcing platform as an attempt to streamline the hugely detailed event planning process, bringing all aspects of event management together and offering them as a single product. This saves time in more ways that you can imagine – all you have to do is browse through options for all your requirements, select what you like, make bookings and payments – online. You also get to choose experienced event planners who will be happy to meet you and take over the entire operation. Compare that to visiting store after store, in different market areas, throughout the city, chasing down a product or a service.

Did you know?
According to Forbes Magazine, Event Coordinator was the 5th most stressful job in America in 2017.

Artificial intelligence

A fully integrated event sourcing platform like Hafla (LINK) is an artificial intelligence based event ideation platform that helps you plan all types of events – corporate, personal, large and small. It filters recommendations to the most suitable choices before presenting them to you. Since these recommendations are based on information that you provide, Hafla automatically offers personalized solutions. Also, as you click on and explore products that you like, it fine tunes the menu and offers only those options that are relevant to you. So, you have the accuracy of a machine combined with the perceptive nature of a person – another reason to use one!

Cost effective solutions

A fully integrated event sourcing platform keeps your budget in mind. Since one of the most important parameters of a successful event is the bill, it becomes essential for you to stay within the budget. Hafla offers products and services in all price ranges – all you have to do is fill in a number. You get to choose what suits you without the effort of haggling. And since Hafla is an aggregated sourcing platform for everything you need for your event – from venues and equipment to services and catering – you will be able keep tabs on all expenses at one place. Know what costs how much and exactly how much you have spent.

Recommendations and reviews

Word of mouth goes a long way, but nothing beats online recommendations and reviews. Genuine, recent and easily accessible, online reviews are one of the best sources of data for any product or service recommendation. Hafla has made it a point to partner only with products and services that have been vetted, recommended and reviewed; and follow a superior standard of quality. Our customer reviews (LINK) reiterate the fact that Hafla can be trusted. 

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