Dubai EXPO 2020 Exhibitor’s Checklist

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Dubai EXPO 2020 starts on 1st October 2021. As the date is nearing, are you prepared for the exhibition? The first item on your mind should be a checklist! Here is a list of things that should be on every exhibitor’s checklist.


It may sound strange, but with all the excitement around an event, it is very possible to forget to register or even miss the last date!

Location Floor Plan

Get a copy of the floor plan of the building, this gives a perspective of your location, which helps set up your booth accordingly.

Booth Designing 

Get an appointment with the official contractors of the show to design your booth according to your specifications. Review it once done to check for errors.

Devise a budget

Set a budget for all expenses from registration and booth rent to travel, meals, salaries, and accommodation.

Prepare a list of product inventory

Preparing an inventory of your products is of utmost importance. It will come in handy during shipping, set up and display, for accounting, and also during pack up.

Make Reservations 

Ensure that reservations and bookings for hotels, meals, speakers, employees, and transport have been made and confirmed.

Train Employees

Train your staff in managing the booth, interacting with prospective clients, and in basic hospitality.

Pre-order Workforce

Pre-ordering staff for move-in and move-out is essential, given that every other exhibitor will also have this requirement at the same time as you.


Confirm your modes of transport and shipping details for both ways before the start of the show. Unconfirmed arrangements may lead to extra expenses in terms of rent and storage.

Classification of Cartons

Make sure your shipment cartons are clearly labeled, preferably with color-coded slips. Articulate labels make unpacking efficient and easy.

Business cards and final leads

Make sure there is a register for final leads from the show and a fishbowl to collect cards of prospective clients.


Select small items that may be branded with your contact information to be used as giveaways to encourage recall during and after the exhibition. 

Roster of promoters

Keep a roster prepared of your list of promoters as per the time schedule and roles assigned. This will help ensure that no area is left uncovered during the duration of the event.

Seating and Furniture

Informal seating works well, especially for a booth with a screen. Select furniture that is easy to move and position. Browse through Hafla’s furniture options for seating that suits your setup best.

Entertainment Services

Line up entertainment options for the weekends, entertainers tend to brighten things up around the booth. You could select either generic or specific festival-themed options from Hafla’s exhaustive list.

Sanitizer Stations

Even with the venue providing temperature checks and sanitizer stations, it is very important to set up a small sanitizer station of your own. Stay safe!


Arrange for water, coffee, and snacks for visitors & prospective clients. This helps break the ice, while branded water bottles & food items help in advertisement and recall.

Equipment Testing

Every piece of event tech must be checked in a dry run before the exhibition opens. Try out your audio/visual gear, LED screens, TV screens, electrical points, and even light fixtures. Hafla can step in with gadgets in case you have a tech emergency

Essential kit 

Prepare a kit for emergencies. It should include stationary like scissors, tape, and marker pens; a medical kit with essential supplies in case of a medical/health emergency; and a list of important contact numbers.

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