Best Promotional Items to Gift at Exhibitions

by Hafla

Understanding Promotional Gifts.

Promotional gifting is the gifting strategy, wherein any item, corporate giveaways or branded products are imprinted with a company’s logo or branding. that you give to promote your business or advertising products.

Exhibitions are dynamic platforms where businesses can showcase their products, services, and brand identity to a diverse audience. One of the most effective ways to make a lasting impression at these events is by offering well-thought-out promotional items. These items not only serve as tokens of appreciation but also act as powerful marketing tools, enhancing brand recall and leaving attendees with a positive association. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best promotional items to consider gifting at exhibitions, ensuring your brand stands out in a sea of competition.

6 Essential components of Promotional Gifting Strategy Include. 

  • Your Logo: It’s important to include your company logo, it is the only way to keep reminding them that this gift is from you
  • Uniqueness Is Key: Stand out by offering something distinct and memorable, e.g.: Instead of a simple mug, a personalized heat mug with your logo emerging every time hot water is added to the mug.
  • Make It Interactive: Interactive gifts are easier to remember, such as board games.
  • Make It Relevant: Relevant gifts will leave a stronger impression, so relate to your business.
  • Make Sure Your Gift Can Last Long: As your gift is lasting they keep our business in mind.
  • Make It A Surprise: Presentation is everything!! Add some unique packaging.

Handing out promotional goodie bags is an effective way of driving traffic to an exhibition stall. Giveaways should be budget-friendly, easy to transport, attractive, and stamped with your brand.

Tech items and accessories

Branded tech items are popular and useful exhibition giveaway favorites. USBs, power banks, palm vacuums, or smartphone accessories like pop sockets or wallets, anything to do with tech – especially phones – is always a hit. Get in touch with Hafla’s exhibition specialist for more ideas and options.

Food Gifts, Bento Box

Food gifts are another suitable giveaway – a tasty snack makes for a welcome break. You could put together a healthy finger snack, crackers, chocolates, or even a bunch of gummies into a clear cube stamped with your brand and hand it out. Make sure the cube box is made well enough to use again. Bento boxes with artistically arranged snacks work well too. Too much to handle? Let Hafla do the grunt work for you!

Stress relievers or fidget toys

Squeeze balls, fidget spinners, pop-its, colored putty – all of these work as stress relievers and find their way to a work desk, the perfect place for a branded item in terms of recall. Get creative and order a fidget spinner with a keychain attached to it or colored putty scented in different flavors.

Stationary, desk sets

Stationary sets or sets for workstations are also received well. Attractive and useful, they are perfect for branding with multiple items available to stamp on. Depending on your budget, you have the option of adding or reducing the number of items in the set. Looking for a single desk item? Choose a desk calendar instead. Hafla’s exhibition giveaway specialist will be happy to adjust the settings to your budget.


There are endless options in drinkware – from branded water bottles in different materials to insulated tumblers, travel mugs, and accessories like pint sleeves and cup warmers, these make for unique albeit pricey options. Functional and smart, drinkware is always used, never stashed away to be forgotten. Use that extra budget and aim for recall!


Accessories like touch tools, umbrellas, and neoprene bags go a long way as exhibition giveaways. Touch tools are very trendy in today’s hyper-hygienic atmosphere and are used for everything from pushing lift buttons to opening doors and carrying bags. Umbrellas have always been useful, whether in the sun or in the rain; and neoprene bags multi-task as stationery pouches, cosmetic bags, and even as car/drawer organizers.

Every business is unique & promotional gifts should be relevant to the business, listing some relevant promotional gifts as per the business.

Business Type Relevant Promotional Gifts
Tech Companies Branded USBs, Power Banks, Tech Gadgets, Mobile Holders
Food and Beverage Food Gifts, Branded Mugs, Aprons, customized snack boxes.
Health and Wellness Stress Relievers, Water Bottles, Wellness box
Financial Services Customized & Branded Pens, Desk Sets
Event Planners Tote Bags, Stationery, Notebooks
Eco-Friendly Brands Reusable Bags, Bamboo Utensils
Fashion Retailers Branded Apparel, Accessories


The right promotional items can elevate your brand’s presence at exhibitions, making a significant impact on attendees. When selecting promotional items, consider your target audience, brand identity, and the items’ practicality and longevity. By choosing items that align with your brand values and resonate with your audience, you’ll create a memorable impression that lasts long after the exhibition ends. Remember, the best promotional items are not just giveaways; they’re opportunities to create meaningful connections and enhance brand loyalty.


  1. What is the purpose of promotional gifts?

             The main purpose is to generate meaningful brand awareness. Can promote anything related to business or company such as Brand, activity of business, new product, etc.

      2. How to choose the right promotional gift for a business?

            Think about what items your audience will find useful and what aligns with your company’s message and values.

      3. Can online businesses use promotional gifts?

            Yes, they can incorporate gifts in online purchases and marketing.

     4. Who is the target audience for promotional gifts?

            There are various groups, including Customers, Prospects, Employees, Trade show Attendees, Event Participants, Business partners, Online contest Winners, Attendees of Corporate events, Donors Or Sponsors, and Personal Contacts.

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