Dubai EXPO 2020: Top 10 forgotten items during an exhibition

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The countdown to EXPO 2020 has begun. We’ve put together a list of commonly left-out exhibition items, and we’re keeping them in stock for when you need them.

LED Screens

Screens are a great way to advertise your product. Engaging and effective, visual media does its job by being attractive, unobtrusive, and relentless. Remember to dress up your walls!

Coffee Machine

A must for any pavilion, coffee machines can actually make all the difference. Perfect for hospitality, coffee is a convenient and refreshing way to break the ice, form a connection and even seal a deal.


Fishbowls not only help keep all those business cards in one place, but they also serve as a reminder to visitors to leave their cards at the pavilion. Saves you a lot of unnecessary talks. Get one now!

Visitors’ Record

Visitors’ books are used to catalog comments, but they also send a strong signal about you as someone who welcomes feedback and suggestions. Make sure you put one out on your pavilion counter, next to the fishbowl.


Recall – a very important yet often ignored aspect. People like to browse through various pavilions before returning to the ones they are interested in. What better way to help them find their way back to you than to offer small items that they’ll hang on to – like branded stress balls, USBs, pens, notebooks, and power banks? Hafla is happy to customize stress balls to your requirement.

Trash Cans

All those used disposable coffee cups are going to need a place to go, and that’s where your garbage cans come in. A neat pavilion, without litter, looks presentable and welcoming. Set out garbage cans and keep your surroundings clean. Talking about hygiene and safety, don’t forget the sanitizer station!

Extension Cords

You’re always going to need extension cords. The pavilion may have multiple power points but there is going to be that one wire that doesn’t reach! Stock up on a couple of extension cords, even if it’s just for your phone chargers.

Packaging Tape

Packing tape – so important yet so forgettable. If you don’t require it to wrap up samples, you’re definitely going to need it at pack up or winding uptime. Keep a few rolls handy.

Barrier Tapes

Barrier tapes regulate the flow of traffic in your pavilion as well as help maintain distance or limit access where required. Get your hands on a few lengths and stay organized.

Water Bottles

Like coffee, water bottles are an essential part of your hospitality arsenal; and like giveaways, you can use branded ones for recall. Get your customized water bottles at Hafla, we’ll make sure your pavilion number and contact details are displayed in bold!

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