How to make the most of your Dubai EXPO 2020 booth

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A booth at EXPO 2020 is a huge investment, so doing well in terms of response and getting active leads becomes very important. Here are some tips for a successful EXPO.

Plan ahead

It’s never too early to start planning. Once you start, you will realize how much there is to do – and how much of that can easily be taken care of in advance. Start with basic logistics like booking flights and accommodation before prices go up, and go on to details like writing out emails, printing product sheets, and ordering giveaway promo items.

Find partners/sponsors

Zero in on partners or sponsors with similar goals and no conflict of interest. Set goals that will be mutually beneficial to everyone. Partners and sponsors help increase footfall and divide costs.

Do your research 

Put in the time to understand your competitors and how they function. This will help you stay ahead and formulate a strategy for your brand. Understanding the target customer’s perspective is also important to be a success.

Spread the word 

Advertise yourself ahead of the show. Whether it is social media or on location, it is equally important. Send out emails in advance to stay in touch with your target audience.

Invest in your booth

One of your largest overheads will be the booth so make it count. Whether it is paying extra for an advantageous location or spending on an attractive booth display, you must do whatever is required. For example, if you have booked a shell stand, make sure to decorate the walls with vinyl posters to add to the look.

Plan for activities at the booth

Use your imagination to attract people – play some loud music or host a fun activity at the booth. You could also get a photographer/reporter to interview you and your visitors and use the footage to prepare a company video to post on social media for circulation over the coming weeks. Supporting activities help spread awareness and curiosity and even help with recall.

Select unusual promo items

Avoid run-of-the-mill giveaways. Promo items selected without much thought tend to be repetitive and may even serve to turn off the receiver. Think out of the box and come up with unusual and attention-grabbing ideas that are relevant to the product/brand. Let the vast selection at Hafla help you with your choice. We suggest useful giveaways like branded pens, notebooks, USBs, power banks, desk calendars, or lanyards.

Prepare your team

Hiring newbies to cut costs? Unless you invest time preparing both your sales and executive teams, it may actually prove to be counter-productive. Make sure your team is well-informed, trained, and effective.

Book entertainment services

Plan entertainment not only on weekends but also through the week. Performers create a positive atmosphere and help attract business to the booth. To hire entertainment services of your choice, book ahead of time with Hafla.

Connect with at least 3 government entities of local bodies per month

It really helps to work on a strategic partnership plan by connecting with key government entities to help work on your brand outreach and expansion. You could also check in with your local embassy or consulate to help you arrange meetings.

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