Choosing the Best Event Management Platform as an EXPO 2020 Participant

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Preparing for EXPO 2020? It’s all hands on deck now. Having an efficient team from an experienced event management platform batting for you is the best decision you can make.

How to choose the best event planner in the UAE

To be a successful event management platform, standard criteria must be followed. But that is not all, selecting the best event management platform depends a lot on what the exhibitor needs and whether the platform is capable of providing those services. Here is a checklist of standards as well as specific criteria that will help you arrive at the right decision. 


Experience is the foundation for success. In event management, it means expertise and problem-solving abilities, resulting in excellence. 


While going about the background check, include recommendations from people you know. Spend time browsing through the online review section and look out for words like organized, efficient, flexible, and professional.


One of the advantages of hiring an event planner is the one-stop-shop experience. Platforms like Hafla have a substantial directory of vendors which help with choice as well as with price. 


Planners typically cover many event types but are known to excel in a few. Select a platform that excels in your specific requirement. To ensure quality, ask to see images of previously done events.

No hidden costs

Always discuss budgets, fees, hidden costs, clauses, and policies before you sign on the dotted line. Make sure that the planner is upfront with you, and comfortable talking about money and policies. 


Like any successful partnership, compatibility is important here too. The planner and you must be on the same wavelength and be able to anticipate your requirements. 


Choose an event planner who will be ready and available to listen, and also be confident enough to express an opinion. The experts at Hafla believe in listening and then weighing in with their suggestions.

Work ethic

An event planner with a strong work ethic will set a timeline and commit to it as soon as details have been worked out. The next step should be suggesting a stepwise time frame after requirements for the event have been spelled out.


Event planning success depends on how emergencies or a change in the schedule are dealt with. Vendor no-shows, sudden changes in the number of guests, power outages, and weather issues are not something that should change the course of your event.

Go with your gut

While it is very important to go through website reviews and do background checks, we suggest that you always go with your gut. You must listen to your instincts and decide accordingly.

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