How should an event planner be organized prior to Dubai EXPO 2020?

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How you as an event planner prepare yourself prior to EXPO 2020 will decide what the EXPO can do for you! Here are a few tips that event planners should keep in mind before the EXPO 2020 kicks off.

EXPO 2020 has been planned as the biggest event in the world. Imagine the opportunities that an event organized at such a mammoth scale has to offer – not just to participants and visitors, but also to businesses in related fields, event planning being one of them.

Create a list of pavilions 

Work on a list of pavilions that you intend to reach out to. As opposed to a generic plan, a tangible target will help you organize your resources according to pavilion-specific needs. Keep your list concise enough to be doable. Overreaching yourself will stretch resources and put you in an uncomfortable position.

Prepare pavilion specific concepts 

Themes are the visual anchor of any successful event. Prepare yourself with multiple themes based on the country pavilion you are dealing with. Themes could revolve around cultural, traditional, seasonal, or country-specific festival ideas.

Offer concepts based on local and annual festivals

In addition to preparing pavilion-specific concepts, you must also fortify yourself with a schedule from the local festival calendar. With the EXPO spanning 6 months, you can keep yourself prepared with themes for upcoming festivals like Halloween, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, or the New Year.

Have a list of trusted suppliers

Every exhibitor tries their level best to be fully prepared. Even then, there is a possibility that items get left out or stop working at the last minute. Having a list of trusted suppliers who you can count on for last-minute requests will help you step in and save the day. Refresh your list of vendors who deal in lights, furniture, electronic display gadgets, heaters and coolers, coffee machines, and sanitizer stations.

Create specific packages for events around the EXPO

There will be a number of conferences, music festivals, entertainment events, galas, sports activities, and events like National Day, Aqdar World Summit, and the WETEX show that will provide opportunities for planners to draw up event-specific packages. Stay a step ahead by listing them out and creating individual packages.

Offers and deals 

Have your offers and deals ready before the EXPO kicks off and advertise them for maximum benefit. You could create differently priced packages or offer contracts for long-term rentals, design bundled deals for items that are usually required for a booth, and even offer discounts for first-time bookings.

Entertainers on standby

Entertainers at a booth act as an added attraction. Typically, weekends are when the demand for entertainers increases, or around a festival. Stay a step ahead and pre-book entertainers for weekends and around festival dates. You could even rope them in for long weekends when there will be a spike in footfall.

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