Most Exciting Birthday Themes for 2023

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Planning a pre-teen birthday Hafla? You could use some help! Pick one of these themes for a super fun Hafla!

Boss Baby

We love the Boss Baby theme! Perfect for a first birthday, Boss Baby is fun – choose from a pendant or bunting banners, themed balloon sets, foil and rubber balloons which can be personalized, child seating with matching table cloths, ceiling hangings and danglers, paper fans, pre-filled confetti balloons, balloon bouquets, and cake toppers. You can even personalize the decorations with an ‘I am one banner or use a background banner with the birthday baby’s picture. 

Disney Princess

12 princesses to play with – from Cinderella to Moana and Pocahontas, go all out with this one! Themed balloon entrances flanked by pillars, matching streamers and buntings placed around the venue, princess cutouts, a castle cake, and even a fringe party curtain set up behind the cake table for a great photo background. 

Disney Cars

Customized photo booths, themed welcome boards, cars and stoplight cutouts, car props, and trophies for party game winners presented on a victory stand; the theme of the car will transform your birthday venue into a splash of red! You could set up an enclosed area where kids can get joyrides on battery-operated cars. 


Which little one hasn’t fantasized about being a superhero? Figure out which Justice League or Marvel superhero your child is partial to and design the Hafla around that theme. Watch the birthday person beam on their special day as they cut a themed cake or give out superhero-themed party favors. Face painters are a hit at superhero party setups, busy transforming little people into Spiderman, Superman, or Wonder Woman!

Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse

We’ve all had a Mickey and Minnie Mouse birthday! A classic like this one is popular not just because of itself, but also because the theme is reinforced in young minds at entertainment resorts, the circus, and malls. You can even get Mickey and Minnie mascots from Hafla to walk around the party posing for pictures with kids!

Disney Frozen

Frozen is a cult in its own space and every generation that is introduced to the movie falls in love with the concept. It is a party planner favorite at Hafla too – easy to work with, this theme allows for a lovely winter wonderland setting! The cake, the birthday dress, the snowflakes, the accessories, and all the blue, white and purple glitter.


Sparkles, rainbows, pastels, plush unicorns – all things sweets for your little girl! The unicorn theme has been a hot favorite with birthday girls. Like Frozen, the visuals for this theme are delightful, and the party setup always turns out to be great looking. May we suggest a unicorn-topped cake that cuts into rainbow stripes?

Animal Safari

Animal safari is a universal theme popular with kids of different ages and usually selected by children who may not have a favorite TV show. Fun party activity ideas include a jungle gym for the little ones, a tattoo maker pasting animal tattoos, or a face painter giving kids a wild animal makeover.


Cocomelon’s popularity with the tiny gang is legendary. Rounded characters appear in nursery rhymes that talk about values and a dash of education. Choose our Cocomelon theme for your little one’s party and it is sure to be a hit!

Colored theme

The colored theme is simple, effective, and easy to match with everything. Popular colored themes include multicolored, the primary color bouquet, blue or pink for little children, black and gold for a pre-teen about to hit teenage, and pink and silver for the little lady. Hafla is happy to organize custom combinations too.

Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol is on a roll! Celebrate your little one’s special day with the adorable pups from Paw Patrol. The iconic rescue team, complete with its vehicles and the ‘Lookout’ makes an ideal birthday party theme.

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