How to Choose the Perfect Birthday Party Venue

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Picking the perfect venue for your child’s birthday Hafla is very important. While planning a party, keep the following points in mind and make it the best birthday party ever!


The cost of renting a birthday party venue will be a major overhead in your Hafla budget. Choose a place where this cost doesn’t make you cut corners when it comes to other essential things.

Number of guests

When considering a venue, it is best that you know the approximate number of children you intend to host. Some venues have guest list limitations while others may have a cap on the number of adults.  

Weather and time of year

Choose the venue according to the weather and the time of year of your child’s birthday. Cooler winter months call for a beautifully decorated outdoor party, while an air-conditioned indoor venue would be perfect for a blistering summer day Hafla. 


The venue you select should be close to home, easy to locate for other parents, and must have convenient and adequate parking. This might sound a little frivolous, but imagine busy parents looking for a location and eventually showing up late with their child’s friends!

Entertainment options

Whether you choose an indoor or an outdoor venue, it must be able to accommodate all the entertainment options that you have planned for the party. Some options like a magician’s stand require a certain amount of space and seating, which means that knowing the area available to you is important. Also, considering the short attention span of younger children, it is wise to set up a range of entertainment options.

Package offers

While shortlisting prospective venues, check and compare food and beverage package options, décor options, cake availability, and party favor choices. Some venues offer all of the above, others offer only some, while still others offer none and let you bring in your own party planning services.

Area allocation

Some venues are divided into party rooms and play areas, but many are not. It helps to choose one with a party room especially if you’re expecting a few parents. Also, you should know whether your party will be in an enclosed area or you will be sharing space with another party or children.


Your selected venue must be child-friendly. Check whether supervising staff is trained to look out for the safety and well-being of younger children. Depending on the average age of your party, choose a venue with soft flooring, padded walls, and gated enclosures.

Party host option

Does your venue offer a party host? If you have planned a marathon of activities, then hiring a party host is always a great idea. With a host around, you will be able to spend time with your guests and actually enjoy the party.

Reviews and ratings

One of the best ways to check on a prospective venue is to take a look at its rating and go through reviews. When you hire a venue through Hafla, reviews and ratings are the one thing you can be assured of. Hafla is a one-stop shop for all things party, including reviews and ratings!

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