5 Common Birthday Party Planning Mistakes

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For many people, organizing a birthday party is an annual feature. Even so, hosts tend to make common mistakes. Keep them in mind to have a stress-free, fun birthday party!

Birthdays are not just celebrations of a special day, they also make memories for years to come. The primary objective of any birthday party is having a great time, not just for your child, but also for the guests and very importantly – You. 

Booking blues

It is never too early to book your venue. With the date not being an issue, getting the perfect venue for your child’s party is about booking it on time. ‘Giving yourself a head start of about a month or two is always a good idea’, says the venue hire expert team at Hafla, who have helped organize quite a few birthday parties. According to them, ‘This may seem odd if you’re not into planning in advance, but it’s definitely better than having to deal with a tantrum!’ They also suggest getting on an app to check if the weather is pleasant enough for an outdoor party. Getting the venue of your choice also means that there will be no compromises when it comes to deciding the size of your guest list or entertainment options. 

Focus on fun

Younger kids making up your guest list? Don’t forget to simplify the program so that they can focus on the fun. Children typically have shorter attention spans and get distracted easily. For example, it would help to put away the bouncy house if you have a magician lined up to perform. Or, just ensure that there isn’t too much to do at one time – multiple diversions mean chaos! Don’t have the time to juggle all of this? Let our Hafla expert draw up an entertainment schedule and also help select products and services that will suit the age bracket of your guest list.

Allergy alert!

Allergies are a matter of concern, especially when you are responsible for a bunch of kids who are not exactly watching out for their own selves! Keep them safe by asking parents to share information about allergies in advance. This will help you to draw up a menu without those ingredients. Be sure to instruct your caterer accordingly.

Delegate duties

Face it – you can’t do EVERYTHING. If you’re offered help, take it, especially if the average age of your guest list is in single digits. Venues and vendors can organize party helpers. You could also sit back, relax, and have an experienced event planner from Hafla take on the responsibility of organizing the party.

Photo fiasco

Some boo-boos can be rectified, but this one is irreversible. If you are going to be too busy to don the shutterbug hat, then remember to appoint a friend or a relative to take on this all-important duty! Alternatively, you could hire a professional photographer to do the job – Hafla will be happy to set you up with one that suits your style.

Common Do’s and Don’ts to Avoid Mistakes While Planning a Birthday Party :

Do’s Don’ts
Start planning early Procrastinate until the last minute
Set a realistic budget Overspend beyond your means
Personalize the party with a theme Ignore the birthday person’s interests
Create a guest list based on preferences Invite too many or too few guests
Book the venue in advance Wait too long and risk losing your desired venue
Plan age-appropriate activities and entertainment Neglect entertainment and leave guests bored
Stay organized with checklists and timelines Wing it and rely on memory alone
Communicate party details clearly to guests Assume guests will remember all the information
Have a backup plan for unforeseen circumstances Overlook potential issues and lack contingency plans
Enjoy the celebration and have fun Stress out and forget to savor the special moments

Handy Checklist for Birthday Party:

Task Timeline
Determine party theme 4-6 weeks before the party
Create guest list 4-6 weeks before the party
Send out invitations 3-4 weeks before the party
Book the venue 4-6 weeks before the party
Plan and order decorations 3-4 weeks before the party
Arrange for party supplies 2-3 weeks before the party
Plan the menu and order the cake 2-3 weeks before the party
Organize entertainment or games 2-3 weeks before the party
Purchase or make party favors 1-2 weeks before the party
Confirm RSVPs 1 week before the party
Follow up with non-responders Few days before the party
Prepare a detailed schedule 1 day before the party
Set up decorations On the day of the party
Set up food and drinks On the day of the party
Coordinate entertainment On the day of the party
Welcome and entertain guests During the party
Serve food and cake During the party
Capture photos and videos During the party
Thank guests and distribute favors End of the party
Clean up and return rentals After the party

The timeline provided is a general guideline. You may adjust it based on your specific party requirements and preferences.

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