Things to Remember Before Hiring a Bouncy Castle

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A favorite at birthdays and gatherings with little ones, the bouncy castle is indispensable. Here are 5 things you should keep in mind when renting a bouncy castle.

Make the right choice

Ever heard the saying: The success of a party depends on your choice of the bouncy castle? On a serious note, choose your inflatable bouncy with care. Most importantly, the average age of your guest list should be in single digits – there are weight restrictions that matter. There is also the issue of the size of the bouncy in relation to available space and to the number of kids. Here’s a ready reckoner that you can glance through to get an idea about the size of bouncy you will need for your party.


There are bouncies and then there are matching bouncies. And YOU just managed to match the bouncy to the birthday theme – best parent ever! Most event companies will update their existing bouncy menu of monsters, pirates, aliens, vehicles, and castles with the latest pre-teen heartthrob or theme. After all, Elsa fans must have a Frozen-themed castle, and Potterheads can’t do without an inflatable Hogwarts!

Bouncies are not just for Jumping

Does your bouncy have double-lane slides, climbing walls, or one of those obstacle courses? Before you know it, you’ll have kids showing off their combat fitness or using the bouncy to set up an imaginary fort. Pre-teen dream come true! Additional features are added attractions for kids looking to do more than just bounce around. More action, more fun.

Rent from a reputable company

Your bouncy castle must be durable, certified safe for use, and vetted for quality. A commercial-grade bouncy is safe and will ensure that none of your little guests return with an unwanted party favor. Check your supplier’s credentials and go through the website for photographs and videos of the bouncy in action. Glance through the review section as well. Or, you could simplify things by letting the meticulous people at Hafla organize a safe, exciting, and fun party.

Venue and placement

Before signing on the dotted line, share details of your venue with the supplier. A bouncy is large and bulky equipment and is usually wheeled to its spot on a small trolley, making access an important factor. For example, it would help if there was a side entrance to your garden. You should also check available electrical connections to avoid last-minute glitches. In apartment buildings, you would need permission for the use of the community hall/garden. Placement is important too – bouncies are kept inflated by motorized fans and generate a lot of noise. This, combined with the sound of bouncing kids having the time of their lives, could create quite the decibel level.

Just remember, kids of all ages hopped up on sugar love to jump, and bouncy castles provide a controlled space for them to go wild. So, as long as you choose wisely and plan carefully, your party will be the talk of the town. Go ahead, bounce away!

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