How to keep kids happy and busy at any Hafla

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Birthday Hafla! A birthday is easily the most looked forward to day through the year, not just for a child but also for parents excited to organize a fun party. Birthday party entertainment ideas keep evolving – there’s always a brand new trend each year that kids must have at the party. But, there are also classic ideas that are always a hit, ones that you can never go wrong with. Here are 5 of the most popular ideas that keep kids busy at Haflas. 

  1. Set up a bouncy castle

The inflatable bouncy castle has always been a winner – it’s safe, fun and perfect for an assorted age group of kids. Bouncy castles are available in different styles that follow the latest Hafla themes and trends. Easy to set up and use – as long as you choose the location and size wisely – a bouncy castle can even become the main feature of your party. 

Thinking about setting up a bouncy for your child’s birthday? Here are 5 points to remember when renting a bouncy castle 

  1. Face painting fun

Every kid fantasizes about transforming into someone else, usually a superhero. And very often, all they need is a patch of face paint, or just a little symbol that transports them into fantasy-land. Face painters make possible little people’s dreams in the form of masks created with face paint and temporary tattoos. A crowd favorite, face painting is offered in many styles and ranges. Our face painters use only washable, water-soluble and non-toxic paints that are safe to use on children’s sensitive skins.

  1. Balloon bending blast

Balloon benders are so much fun! They grab kids’ attention with their imaginative creations – animals, creatures, characters, accessories – inflated and tied up to form a sculpture in a jiffy! Your balloon bender will not just put up a show but also distribute the ready creations among the children as keepsakes. Add to the fun – get the balloon bender to involve the kids by conducting an impromptu balloon bending tutorial.

  1. Magic moves

Magic shows are a universally liked entertainment idea. After all, there’s nothing better than wonder combined with a willing suspension of disbelief – even for kids. Magicians hired for children’s birthday parties can put up both stage shows as well as walk around the party doing tricks. Typically, a small stage set up works better when your average guest age is in single digits, and the walkabout would suit a guest list of older children.

  1. Hire a game host

Save yourself from the demanding job of master of ceremonies at a kiddie birthday party and hire a friendly, approachable and enthusiastic game host instead. If your party is on a large scale, an anchor is not just helpful but can actually make the party more fun. Not only that, parents will have more time to interact with guests and have time to enjoy the Hafla too!

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