The best loved platform by event planners in UAE

by Hafla

Why is Hafla a popular choice with planners when it comes to selecting an event planning platform? Simply put, Hafla is user-friendly. It guides you through the process of planning a successful event in a way that allows your ideas to be implemented smoothly. Sounds great, doesn’t it? We can think of some more reasons and here they are:

  1. Hafla’s artificial intelligence based event ideation platform filters recommendations of the most suitable choices based on the information that you provide. 

A machine reading your mind? Got to be accurate.

  1. It serves as a one-stop-shop for selecting venues, equipment, services and catering. An aggregated sourcing platform where you can make bookings and payments and even post reviews – all at the same place. 

Saves you hours of browsing. Your store hopping days are behind you now!

  1. Hafla’s unique interactive algorithm delivers personalized solutions. As you click on and explore the products that you like, it switches into a higher gear and fine tunes the menu, offering only those options that are relevant to you. 

No fishing trips with this one!

  1. You can plan all types of events – corporate, personal, large and small – through Hafla. Any occasion, milestone or festival that is special to you, we will help you celebrate.

It’s time for Hafla!

  1. Save money. They all say that, but when you browse through the vast product and services menu that Hafla offers, you will come across options in every price range and you can choose what suits your budget. 

No need to haggle.

  1. Hafla helps make the right choices. When you are in charge of an event, the success of the event depends on you. Hafla will always guide you in the right direction because the choices offered are based on the platform’s analysis of your preferences. 

You are not alone, Hafla has your back!

  1. Hafla is a friend. We believe in giving you as much space as you are comfortable with – Hafla will work with you as a team or take over completely – and you get to take that call. 

Lead or follow.

  1. The all-important flexibility is one of Hafla’s strengths. We are happy to adjust to your requirements, firefight, and come up with plan B for all possibilities. 

Consider it done!

  1.  Hafla has experience, is trusted and believes in quality

Need we say more?

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