How to plan a Hafla in 15 simple steps

by Hafla

A lot goes into planning an event. Planners use different theories when it comes to pulling off a successful Hafla (aka party). But one thing is for sure – there is a standard set of steps that you have to follow. Once you have those in place, you’ll be off to a great start! Here are 15 simple steps that will help you plan your Hafla.

  1. Focus on the objective of your event; every other decision is dependent on that.
  2. Decide on a budget by putting together an estimate and then allocating sub-budgets for various categories.
  3. Finalize a guest list; the total number of guests is important when you need to take a call about factors like venue size and catering options.
  4. Select a theme and organize party favors. This really helps event recall.
  5. Organize your core team including speakers, entertainers, venue management, publicists and volunteers.
  6. Freeze a date for your event. This will help you select your venue, send invites out on time and advertise your event effectively.
  7. Finalize a venue and book it in advance. Any delay in venue booking may lead to compromise further along the process.
  8. Send out invites preceded by save the date messages.
  9. Advertise your event. This could be personal, on paper or on social media, but you must go all out.
  10. Book products and services on time. With your venue, number of guests and date frozen, it’s time to fill in the rest of the blanks.
  11. Get your hygiene protocol in place and make arrangements for medical issues.
  12. Set up a contingency plan. You’re basically done, but do everything all over again to plan for emergencies!
  13. Do a tech dry run a day prior to the event to cross check on the audio/visual, lighting and electrical set up.
  14. Make a flowchart of your D-day itinerary and share it with the team.
  15. Make checklists that you can use at different stages of event planning so that you don’t miss a thing!


You could simplify and streamline your life – take the help of a fully integrated event sourcing platform which is a one-stop-shop for all of the above, and more! 

This is where Hafla (LINK) steps in. Hafla brings technology and innovation together in such a way that enables you to organize events seamlessly and with minimum effort. An artificial intelligence based event ideation platform, it helps you plan all types of events – corporate, personal, large and small. Hafla’s USP is personalization. Its interactive algorithm helps deliver highly personalized solutions – as you click on and explore the products that you like, it fine tunes the menu and offers only those options that are relevant to you. This means your event planning experience on Hafla will take a fraction of the time and effort that it would otherwise. Once you get into the flow online, you will also notice the elimination of frivolous costs and expenditure. It’s a win-win!

Any occasion, milestone or festival that is special to you, Hafla will help celebrate. With years of experience, Hafla is a trusted name known to deliver quality.

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