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UAE National day decorations

UAE Formation :

  • Arab traders from the Persian Gulf region had a strong presence and dominance in maritime trade.
  • This led to conflicts between Arab traders and European powers like the Portuguese Empire and the British Empire.
  • The coastal emirates, which are now part of the UAE, were referred to as the Trucial States.
  • In 1820, the Trucial States signed the General Maritime Treaty with the British, which made them a British protectorate.
  • The treaty was ratified in 1853 and again in 1892, solidifying the British influence over the Trucial States.
  • However, this arrangement came to an end with the independence of the United Arab Emirates on December 2, 1971.
  • The British withdrew from their treaty obligations, allowing the UAE to establish itself as an independent nation.
  • Initially, six emirates joined the UAE in 1971: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, and Fujairah.
  • The seventh emirate, Ras Al Khaimah, joined the federation a bit later, on February 10, 1972.

Since then, the UAE National Day has been celebrated annually on December 2nd to commemorate the formation of the country. 

Dubai is the most populous emirate with 35.6% of the UAE population. The Emirate of Abu Dhabi has 31.2%, meaning that over two-thirds of the UAE population lives in either Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Source: Wikipedia.

Come November and wherever you look the city will be dressed up in festive spirit for the upcoming National Day celebrations on December 2. National Day decorations will adorn the whole of UAE. Buildings, open spaces, malls, houses, schools and cars will be decorated in red, green, black and white. As the momentum builds up to the final day of festivities and fireworks, you will want to be part of it too. 

Go ahead, get in the National Day Hafla spirit! 

Let us give you a sneak peek into the National Day decoration stash, and we’re also throwing in some money-saving ideas.

National Day Office Decor Ideas

We have a variety of National day decoration ideas for you – from balloon arches, pillars and danglers in UAE colours to buntings made of UAE flags. Throw in mini flags for each employee’s desk and light up the building on the outside with wash lights in national colours. Highlight outdoor green areas with strings of fairy lighting to take it up a notch. If you have a reception area with adequate space, we could help set up a majlis tent with traditional seating. Spice up your National Day celebrations with performances from a variety of entertainers too. Choose from traditional Ayallah dancers, unicyclists and jugglers decked up in national colours, or hire a roaming gahwa server and Arabic mascots to add to the ambience. 

Table Flag Entryway balloon arch decor UAE Flag Bunting

Rent Majlis

National Day Home & Community Decor Ideas

Here are trending ways of National Day decoration. After doing up the outside with flagpoles and lighting, organize an evening of fun and celebration in the garden or the building community centre. Best is a  live Arabic cooking station set up creatively in different Majlis tents, catering for the evening, gahwa servers and a spot of entertainment too. If traditional dancers are not your thing, how about a photo booth complete with selfie frames and National Day-themed props, mascots a falcon person, and even a calligraphy artist?

Hire Artist for UAE National Day National Day Decorations

Top value for money tips

  1. Book ahead of time

Grab fairy light strings for the outdoor areas and the twinkling decorative strip lights to do up your home/office/building way ahead of time. With everyone in the national day spirit, getting your hands on just the lights you want is not going to be easy. Find a spot at the top of the queue if you wish to pick and choose!

  1. Avoid surge pricing

Waking up at the end of November and hoping to get a reasonable deal is going to be impossible. Whether it is lights, flagpoles or a majlis tent, the price for every decorative item will get bumped up as the National Day date gets closer. 

  1. Bulk bookings bring prices down

Talking about flagpoles, if you are looking at doing up an outdoor space, why not try lining the complex with an entire row of flagpoles displaying the national flag? Looks good, has great visibility, and has a National Day theme!

  1. Long-term rentals are cheaper

Thinking about renting a Majlis tent? Choose from traditional floor seating or a comfortable low-rise sofa. Setting it up in a corporate setting, hotel lobby or building reception area adds to the festive atmosphere and gives the required traditional touch as well. Renting the tent and seating for a few days at a stretch as a long-term plan will turn out to be quite cost-effective!


What is the theme of the UAE National Day 2023?

            All National Day celebrations in the UAE follow the theme “Spirit of the Union” is the theme of UAE National Day 2023.

Are there any official holidays during UAE National Day?

          Yes, UAE National Day is a public holiday in the UAE. Usually observed for at least two days, and sometimes longer, the public and private sectors enjoy time off to participate in the festivities.

How is UAE National Day celebrated?

          People across the country celebrate UAE National Day with great enthusiasm.. Celebrations typically include fireworks, parades, cultural events, traditional dances, concerts, car rallies, and various activities that showcase Emirati heritage and patriotism.

For how many years has UAE National Day been celebrated?

         Since 1971, UAE National Day celebrations have been ongoing, marking its 52nd anniversary in 2023.

Who can participate in UAE National Day celebrations?

         UAE National Day celebrations are open to everyone, including locals & expats.

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