How AI helps improve and personalize your Hafla experience

by Hafla

Artificial intelligence translates into different meanings across spheres of life and industries. For the uninitiated, AI is what works those voice assistants like Alexa or the pop up chat bots you communicate with when you’re browsing through a website and have doubts about the product. These are examples of the face of AI, but dig a little deeper and the answer will involve definitions that talk about simulation of human intelligence by machines, enabled by computer systems. ‘Smart learning’ is another way to put it.

How does AI help on an event management platform?

This seemingly ambiguous term, oversimplified as ‘smart learning’, is what drives the world today. Fully integrated event management platforms are also based on artificial intelligence and its ability to engage in an environment using algorithms. 

AI in the event industry helps improve business by streamlining what is an extremely complex and time consuming process. The sheer number of options under each category means that a vast amount of data is involved. We’re talking venue, entertainment, catering and accessories along with a host of other products and services. Arriving at the best fit in the form of the perfect vendors for services and products can be quite the time guzzler. Enter AI and its efficient algorithms that learn, reason and self-correct to offer the appropriate choices in a jiffy! 

How does Hafla use AI to give you the best event planning experience?

Ever wondered why it feels like a website you’re browsing through may have planted a bug in your head? That’s AI for you! On a serious note, without infringing on privacy, a fully integrated event management platform like Hafla prides itself in doing exactly that, only in a good way. 

So, how exactly does the magic happen?

The platform understands the event context, creates personalized event ideas, and then filters and aggregates supply from thousands of providers to set up the perfect event. What may have taken days, can now be done in minutes! Here is how: 

  1. Browse, collaborate and plan

The event details you share are reviewed and filtered to give personalized recommendations. A simple journey through the website helps you select products and services and even lets you benefit from bundled deals. Hafla’s event experts stand by, ready to help at any time.

  1. Book and pay

Booking is simple – as you select the services of your choice, Hafla’s platform assigns specific service providers and communicates event details. You pay in one shot with a single invoice, for everything. You can choose to pay in part or full.

  1. Track and manage

You can log in to your account to view booking confirmations, event details and even status and deliveries of products and services on your event page. Hafla also lets you call providers directly from the page. 

  1. Review and rate

Share your reviews and rate your Hafla experience on the website!

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