Top 5 Romantic Proposal Ideas of 2023!

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Proposals are that part of a relationship where romance can be used to full effect. Couples outdo themselves at proposal time in the hope of surprising their partner and making memories that can be used as stories to be narrated for generations to come! With romance peaking at this stage of a relationship, creative juices are bound to flow. Read on for proposal ideas that top the charts where romance and innovation are concerned.


A location is significant in relationships, and the fact that you remember and choose a particular place to propose makes it even more special. Try popping the question at the place where you first met or booking a trip to your dream destination as a couple. Proposing there pushes the romance quotient through the roof. You could even plan a surprise holiday to an exotic location and make it doubly memorable by proposing during your stay.

Breathtaking Settings

Adding drama to a special occasion is a great combination. Pack a picnic basket and propose under the stars – it could be at a pretty park or even a picturesque skyline viewed from the top of your building. You could plan a trek to a hilltop with a dramatic view and blindfold your partner for the last leg of the walk. Ask them to open the blindfold only when you’ve got the ring ready! Sunsets and forever settings like canyon views or lakeshores and beaches also make for dramatic proposal settings.

DIY Ideas

Deft and creative? Put your art and craft talent to good use and make a picture collage of your relationship through the years. Frame it and use it as a backdrop for your proposal. You could also rig the breakfast coffee mug with a printed base spelling out the big question or place a ring in a slice of your partner’s favorite dessert.

Public Proposals

Is your partner one for making a big splash? Go big and loud with a public proposal. Think musical accompanied by a band during a meal at a favorite restaurant, and under the window serenade style song, or an at-work surprise visit by a quartet singing your partner’s favorite song. If your partner is a sports buff, you could do the big screen proposal at halftime. Feel like splurging? Go all out and declare your love through skywriting! Hafla is happy to pitch in – get in touch if you need help in booking a quartet or a small band.

Simplicity is the Key 

Nothing beats simplicity when it comes to romance – after all, what is more, romantic than pure, unadulterated romance? Keep it simple, classic, and old school. Dress up the morning tea tray with a rose and a heart-shaped cookie and let your partner find the ring tucked in bed. You could also set the mood for a proposal during an evening walk and pop the question over a homemade meal and wine.

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