Two-Slides Water Inflatable
Inflatable | Two Slides | Water | Bouncy
AED 630.00
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Get ready for the ultimate aquatic adventure with Hafla's Inflatable Waterpark! Dive into a world of exhilaration and endless fun with this exciting rental attraction that guarantees a splashing good time for all.

Our Inflatable Waterpark is a captivating wonderland of aquatic thrills. Featuring not one, but two thrilling slides, this inflatable paradise offers double the excitement. Kids can race down the slides, experiencing the rush of sliding and splashing into the refreshing water below.

But that's not all! Our Waterpark also boasts a tipping bucket that adds an element of surprise and anticipation. As the bucket fills with water, participants eagerly wait for the moment it tips over, drenching everyone nearby in a cool and refreshing downpour. It's a moment of pure delight and laughter that brings smiles to every face.

In addition to the slides and tipping bucket, our Inflatable Waterpark also includes water cannons for interactive water play. Participants can engage in friendly water battles, aiming and shooting water at targets or each other. It's a fantastic way to cool off, bond, and create lasting memories.

Safety and durability are our top priorities. Our Inflatable Waterpark is constructed from high-quality materials that are built to withstand hours of active play. The inflatable structure is designed with reinforced seams and secure anchoring, ensuring stability and safety for all participants.

Product Details
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  • Inflatable Waterpark With two Slides
  • 10m Extension Cable
  • 10m of Water Hose to Connect to Water Supply
  • Air Blower
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Dimension (centimeter)
Length : 551
Width : 502
Height : 265
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Mixed Colours
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Age Recommended (year)
Minimum : 3
Maximum : 12
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Duration (hour)
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Events Recommended
Friends and Family Events, Kids Events, Birthday Parties
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Floor Type Recommended
Grass, Concrete
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Site Recommended : VillaBackyard GardenPublic Parks
    • A power source is required for the air pump/blower.
    • Additional Delivery Charges to other Emirates will be applied. The cost of delivery may vary depending on the total number of items ordered.
    • Delivery fees may vary depending on unusual delivery times eg: Midnight Delivery.
    • Delivery charges may change if the final destination is not in Dubai.