Snooker Table
Snooker | Ball | Sports | Game
AED 1399.00
Excluding VAT

Snooker is a ball game played on a big table. The players whack a white ball with a long stick and gain points by knocking coloured balls into the pockets on the table's sides. Amazing games and activities for a Gala Time! Rent is an option!

Product Details
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  • 1 Snooker Table
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Dimension (centimeter)
Length : 200
Width : 100
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Royal Blue
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Age Recommended (year)
Minimum : 7
Maximum : 15
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Duration (hour)
Maximum : 6
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Events Recommended
Friends and Family Events, Students Fests, Themed Events, Community Events, Cultural Events, Kids Events, Birthday Parties, Kids Birthday Party
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Floor Type Recommended
Grass, Concrete
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