Sleepover Tent
Private Parties | Indoor & Outdoor | Event Set-up
AED 180.00
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Elevate your kids' parties and celebrations to the next level with Hafla's Sleepover Tent! Our meticulously designed packages bring a touch of enchantment to any gathering, creating unforgettable memories for your little ones.

Step into a world of wonder with our Sleepover Tents, where each package is carefully curated to ensure an extraordinary experience. Discover the cozy comfort of our Teepee Tents, providing a magical space for children to immerse themselves in imaginative play and delightful conversations.

Designed to suit every party theme, our Sleepover Tents can be styled for boys or girls, adding a personalized touch to your event. Create a charming atmosphere and let their imagination soar as they enter their own private retreat within the festivities.

To ensure a gentle and soothing glow, our Sleepover Tents include a soft light that creates a warm ambiance, adding to the magical experience of the night.

With easy setup and teardown, our Sleepover Tent packages make hosting a breeze. Each package is priced per tent, allowing you to customize the quantity to match your guest list.

Make your kids' parties and celebrations truly unforgettable, the best memories are made during magical sleepovers!

Product Details
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  • 1 x Tent
  • Inflatable Mattresses
  • 2 x Cushion
  • 1 x Breakfast Tray with Lanterns
  • Chalkboard Sign
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Events Recommended
Friends and Family Events, Kids Events, Birthday Parties
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Floor Type Recommended
Plain, Grass
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