Ramadan Moon Crescent Decor
Artificial Flowers | Moon Crescent | Fairy Lights | Lantern Hanging
AED 860.00
Excluding VAT

Elevate your Ramadan ambiance with our captivating Ramadan Moon Crescent Decor. Whether you're hosting intimate family gatherings or large community iftars, our moon crescent decor adds a touch of spirituality and reverence to your space, fostering a sense of unity and reflection among your guests.

Product Details
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  • 1 x Metal Crescent
  • Artificial Flowers on Crescent
  • Fairy Lights on Crescent
  • Lantern Hanging
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Events Recommended
Friends and Family Events, Themed Events, Cultural Events, Corporate Events
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Floor Type Recommended
Plain, Grass
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Dimension (centimeter)
Height : 150
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    • Code: 1K-015