Appetite Wrap Platter
Wrap Platter | 20 Pieces | 1 or 2 Flavor Per Platter
AED 165.00
Excluding VAT

Wrap platters are very versatile, order some for a picnic or a family gathering in the garden, take them with you on a day out or add them to your celebrations from birthday parties to confirmations, wedding receptions, graduation celebrations and more. Flavors - Cajun Chicken & Guacamole Wrap (Cheddar, Jalapeno, Onion, Coriander, Rocca, Spinach Wrap), Sun Dried Chicken Tomato Wrap (Spring onion, coriander, cucumber, tortilla wrap), Pulled Beef Brisket with Provolone Cheese Wrap ( Beef provolone cheese, BBQ Sauce, Rocket Leaves), Middle Eastern Falafel Whole-wheat Wrap (V) (Arabic Pickles, Mint, Cucumber, Tomato, Tahina) Levant Wrap (V) ( Muhammar, Feta Cheese, Spinach, Chopped Tomato & parsley), Chicken & Mango Wrap (Chili, Fresh mint, Mayo, Coriander), Chicken Tikka Wrap ( Mango Chutney , Green labneh , Mint sauce), Raw Vegan Rice Paper Roll (Vegan) (Rice Paper, Rice noodle cooked, Carrot, Cucumber, Thai Dressing)

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