Splash Tower
Kids Activity | Private Parties | Outdoor Set-up
AED 400.00
Excluding VAT

Introducing the Splash Tower - the ultimate water-soaking experience brought to you by Hafla! Get ready for laughter, thrills, and lots of splashes with this exciting interactive rental attraction.

The Splash Tower is a guaranteed hit at any party, event, or hot summer day. The concept is simple yet endlessly entertaining: one person sits under a suspended bucket while others take turns aiming at the target. With every successful hit, the bucket tips and drenches the person below in a refreshing cascade of water.

The Splash Tower brings together anticipation, teamwork, and a healthy dose of friendly competition. Watch as participants line up, eagerly waiting for their turn to take aim at the target. As they aim and throw, the suspense builds, adding an extra layer of excitement to the experience.

Product Details
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  • Splash Tower
  • 3 x Balls
  • Chair
  • Bucket
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Duration (hour)
Maximum : 6
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Events Recommended
Friends and Family Events, Kids Events
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Floor Type Recommended
Grass, Plain
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