Silver Chandelier - 8 Bulbs
Silver Amber Chandelier | Elegance | Design Bulb
AED 401.00
Excluding VAT

Silver Amber Chandelier is a luxurious 8 light led bulb Amber Chandelier made from the finest k9 crystals in a shining amber (silver) shadow design and crystal arms with candle type led bulbs. It has a unique design that contributes to its glitz and elegance. It's primarily utilised for Gala dinners, weddings, indoor parties, and gatherings, and it's for rent!

Product Details
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  • 1 Silver Chandelier - 8 Bulbs
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Events Recommended
Corporate Events, Friends and Family Events, Students Fests, Themed Events, Community Events, Cultural Events, Kids Events, Birthday Parties
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Duration (hour)
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Dimension (centimeter)
Width : 80
Height : 80
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