LOL Surprise Decor Package
Outdoor Set-up | Seating | Decor
AED 3360.00
Excluding VAT

Create a fun-filled birthday ambiance with LOL Surprise Decor Package. The decor elements along with add-on options are a sure shot to a joyful birthday celebration.

Product Details
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LOL Surprise Decor Set-Up

  • Backdrop - 2.4 x 2.4 Meters
  • L-shaped balloons around the backdrop
  • 6 x LOL wooden dolls cutouts - 1.2 m each
  • 1 x wooden wheel - 1.6 Meters in diameter
  • 3 x designed wooden cylinders LOL print
  • 3 x stands and 2 trays ( For placing snacks)

Kid's Table Set-Up

  • 20 x Decorated kids' chairs
  • Table with covers
  • 20 x themed double plates
  • Cutlery, napkins & cups
  • Themed centrepiece
  • Water Bottle wraps
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Mixed Colours
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Events Recommended
Kids Events, Birthday Parties
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Floor Type Recommended
Plain, Grass
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Capacity (kids)
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Add Ons
  • A photobooth, doll-house of 2 x 2 meters with chairs & 2 LOL Doll cutouts will cost an additional DHS 960.
  • Curtain canopy in hot pink will cost an additional DHS 360.
  • Popcorn kiosk in pink & white with the attendant at an additional cost of DHS 660.
  • Modifying the design or covering the kiosk with special colour will cost an additional DHS 360.
    • Please check the availability with the sales team before placing an order.
    • The cost of delivery may vary depending on the total number of items ordered.
    • Delivery fees may vary depending on unusual delivery times eg: Midnight Delivery.
    • Delivery charges may change if the final destination is not in Dubai.
    • Code: 1D-009