Candy Land Decor Package
Candy Theme | Table Set-up | Decor
AED 3600.00
Excluding VAT

Rent out the Candy Land Decor Package which is the perfect decor choice for the upcoming birthday celebration. This decor package includes an array of decor options that are sure to brighten-up the event space.

Product Details
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Candy Decor Set-up

  • Circle backdrop 2-meter diameter
  • A wooden wheel 1.6-meter diameter
  • 2 x Styro 3d cupcake
  • 2 x wooden cutouts cupcake
  • 1 x Styro doughnut
  • 1 x Wooden cutout ice cream
  • 2 Styro macaroon
  • 3 x wooden designed cylinder table
  • Balloons around the circle backdrop
  • 3 x stands and 2 trays ( for placing snacks)

Kids table setup

  • 20 x decorated kids' chairs
  • Table with covers
  • 20 x themed double plates
  • Cutlery, napkins & cups
  • Themed centrepiece
  • Water Bottle wraps

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Mixed Colours
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Events Recommended
Kids Events, Birthday Parties
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Floor Type Recommended
Plain, Grass
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Capacity (kids)
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Age Recommended (year)
Minimum : 3
Maximum : 14
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Add Ons
  • Popcorn kiosk with attendant @ 660 AED
  • To cover the kiosk with special colour an additional cost of AED 360 is applicable.
    • Please check the availability with the sales team before placing an order.
    • The cost of delivery may vary depending on the total number of items ordered.
    • Delivery fees may vary depending on unusual delivery times eg: Midnight Delivery.
    • Delivery charges may change if the final destination is not in Dubai.
    • Code: 1D-009