Baby Shower Teddy Bear Decor
Mesh Backdrop | Balloon Garland | Cake Plinths | Teddy Bear | Baby Boxes
AED 1380.00
Excluding VAT

This is a Baby Shower Teddy Bear Decor. The Backdrop shape is round gold mesh. It is decorated with Balloons. Prime Balloon Colors are Blue, Pink, Gold, and White. The background has the message written in LED lights. Balloon-filled boxed letters of "Baby" name are kept beside the backdrop with a teddy bear and three white plinths.

An additional AED 500 is the selling price of the required customized neon as in the picture.

Product Details
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  • 2 m x 2m round mesh backdrop
  • Pink blue balloon garland on backdrop
  • 3 white plinths
  • 1 big teddy bear
  • Baby boxes with balloons
  • Oh baby neon
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Mixed Colours
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